Friday, February 12, 2021

Easily Distracted By Dogs Scrapbook Album

Hi scrappers! I'm so excited it's Friday! The weekend's close and I have a brand new album for you!! It's the perfect day to be happy 😊

This week's album is for our sweet, furry faced, greet you at the door, happy go lucky, best friends ... our fur babies. It's titled "Easily Distracted By Dogs" and it's simply adorable.

Dogs hold such a special place in our hearts. They share the crazy ups and downs of our lives, bring us comfort, make us laugh and give us unconditional love. And just like our kids, they grow up super fast so be sure to take lots of pictures when they're little. One day they're cute and small and the next ... well, they're still cute, they're just bigger!
Document the first day you got them, your first picture together, where you adopted them from or where you found them. Were they a new puppy or a rescue? And did they have a story?

This 6x6 scrapbook album has plenty of space for your beloved pup's photos and pockets for their memorabilia. Birth records, pedigree papers, adoption records, a paw print, pictures of their parents, a piece of their fur, a dog tag, and awards or certificates can all be saved here.

Our sweet dogs are silly and so much fun! Document the crazy, wonderful, zoomie-filled moments that make you laugh and bring you joy. Here are some fun ideas ...

Capture the cute napping positions, the intense stare when you're ignoring them, the very alert ears when you touch their leash and the excitement they show when you open their bag of treats.

Take photos of their favorite toy, their favorite blanket and their most beloved chew toy. Save the labels from their food, treats or shampoo and journal about their favorite past-time.

Don't forget pictures of fun car rides with their furry faces being blown in the wind or the annoyed look they give you while they're getting a bath. Every dog is so unique with their own wonderful way of living and loving life. Save those with photos and handwritten stories.

Be sure to journal about what they weighed when you first got them and what they weigh full grown. Who was their favorite person and where was their favorite spot in the house?

What about some cute before and after shots of their grooming sessions, pictures with their dog friends or at doggie daycare. Get photos of playtime in the park, catching a Frisbee at the beach or walking around the neighborhood. Or ... time spent in the mud puddle that you didn't know about until it was too late! 😂

You don't want to look back and wish you had done a better job of capturing all these special moments of their lives. One day, this will be a treasured keepsake full of sweet and funny moments that make you laugh and make you feel so, so blessed. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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