Sunday, July 22, 2012

Celebrating Good Times ...

Just Wow! -- that sums CHA up in one word.  I needed a few days to recuperate from all of the fun, inspiration, scrappy celebrity sitings, and hours on my feet.  But I am back in my brand new studio (did I tell you I was moving the studio...again?  Yes...again!  I needed more room for all of the crazy fun going on at Artsy Albums.  But the new studio will be a post for another are some highlights from our very busy week...AND a brand new mini album that was added to the shop today!

As many of you know, this is Tim Holtz.  He is the scrapbook king...much like Elvis, but in the scrappy world.  He totally rocks and so do all of his amazing products.  The photo above (bottom left)  is cool because he told a bunch of us the story behind those drawings.  Tim was having trouble coming up with drawings for some of his new stamps and asked a co-worker (I think?) to help him out.  The guy sat down and quickly sketched out the drawings you see above.  Tim loved them, added a few lines and arrows to the designs, and voila...his blueprint stamps by Mario Rossi III were born!

Even more amazing than Tim Holtz, were these two girls, Gina and Roxanne.  They went to CHA with me and totally kept me focused, on track, and organized.  We had a great time and I truly do not know what I would have done without their help at the show!

As you can imagine, inspiration and amazing creativity was everywhere!  It was almost overwhelming!  I came home with tons of great ideas and a very worn-out credit card.  There will be lots of new pre-made scrapbooks and mini album kits coming to Artsy Albums over the next six months!

This is a very tired scrapbooker, but I was able to garner enough creativity today to design a new album for the website.  The photos of the "Celebrate Good Times" album are shown below.  

Here's to celebrating the good it CHA, summer vacation, or a movie with your kids.  Thanks so much for checking in with Artsy Albums,


Thursday, July 12, 2012

There's a new "Authentique" mini in town....

...and for my scrappy friends, you will be happy to learn that it's a kit!  I always get asked what makes Artsy Albums kits different than other scrapbook kits out there...

So glad you asked!

Artsy Albums is crazy passionate about mini I put all that love into making each one!

  • Each kit comes with everything you need to make the mini album project (except for adhesive and tools of course)
  • Each one comes with easy to understand, full color instructions.
  • Each kit is chocked full of fun product and embellishments (because I LOVE embellishments and I believe that layers of "stuff" is super cute!
  • Each Artsy Albums kit is pre-cut (this is new)!  So there is no need for fussy cutting, measuring, trimming, or math!  I hate math.
  • Not only are Artsy kits now pre-cut...the page supplies are packaged individually.  You won't have to search through 18 pieces of pink paper to figure out which one goes on page 3 -- it will be in the page 3 package :)
  • Product for the kits come from the most popular scrapbook suppliers in the industry!  I am always looking for new, different, fun paper and embellishments to keep Artsy Albums kits and themes current.
  • Affordable!  It's crazy how much great product you get for such a reasonable price!  
  • It's super easy to put your own creative spin into each project -- feel free to mix up the supplies, put the flower on a different page, or leave off an element.  
  • Beginner scrapbookers and seasoned crafters will all like these kits -- they are easy, fun, and make wonderful keepsakes or gifts! 
Here are a few photos of the latest Artsy Albums kit..."Genuine Friendship"!  ( should make one for a friend!)

Check out the rest of Artsy Albums kits under the newly added Kit Collection tab above!

Summer Mini Albums and Kits

There is no denying it's summer when you walk out the front door here in Georgia!  The heat about did me in yesterday just running errands.

But if you are near a beach, at the pool, having a backyard BBQ or on vacation, the summer sun is always welcome.  So grab those cameras and document those fun summer memories -- you'll look back on those little snippets of time and be glad you did!

Celebrate Summer Mini Album

Independence Day Mini Album

Travel Mini Album Kit -- Coming Soon!  
Leave a comment below if you want to reserve a kit :)

Paradise Mini Album Kit

July 4th Mini Album

Monday, July 9, 2012

Huge Sale at Artsy Albums!

I need the help of all of my Artsy friends out there!  CHA is right around the corner and I will be ordering everything for the upcoming, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a lot of the other crafty goodness that is brand spankin, I put ALL of the scrapbook supplies in the online shop on sale!

Please help me clear out my back stock so that all this new stuff will fit!  (Did I tell you I am expanding my studio)?  Yes -- and the painters will be here this week!  Had to beg them to hurry because the boxes will start arriving and I have no where to put them!

I love you guys -- you have helped me build this small business and I can't wait to show you what I have planned for the coming months!  By the way.... since I now need a bigger space -- I'm not so sure my hubby is as happy with all of you as I am ... just sayin'.... :)

You will find the SALE section here !


Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Travel Mini Album with Little Yellow Bicycle and Farmhouse Paper Co

Wow...that's a long title... but I am SO excited about this little album that I just had to say it all.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, there is a brand new company on the horizon and I was recently able to purchase one of their new release albums to play with.  I must say -- quality, fun, and function are all there in this adorable album.  Farmhouse Paper Company will introduce their entire new collection in a few weeks and I plan to be ordering!

Not only has FarmHouse rocked the cuteness scale...Little Yellow Bicycle never disappoints.  "Escape" is their new travel line and it is worth all your scrappy love!  You will have a blast mixing and matching Escape embellishments and layering their fabulous papers!

So, either get to your LSS and purchase these products from these awesome companies...or hang on just a wee bit until I can get back from CHA and have these kits available!  Brand new product, tons of cute paper and embellishments, full color instructions, and a great mini album project...what's not to love at Artsy Albums??

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Thanks for checking in!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

New company to debut at CHA this month!

Hello Artsy friends!

There is a new company debuting at CHA this year and I can't wait to meet them!  FarmHouse Paper Company has some super cute albums, paper and embellishments that I look forward to using in some upcoming kits later this summer!

Check out their Facebook page and tell them Artsy Albums sent you ;)

FarmHouse Paper Company