Friday, February 26, 2021

Hello Baby Scrapbook Album

Yay, it's Fridaaaay and my new album is here!!! It's titled Hello Baby and it's a perfect gender neutral scrapbook for a sweet little one. It has soft colors, the cutest animals and beautiful papers that look like watercolor paintings. The collection is by Asuka Studio and is called Dreamland. How cute is that for a baby collection title?!

I think it would be great to start this scrapbook before your baby is even born. You could document your pregnancy days, journal about your feelings and record first baby kicks. This album has 3 pockets so you can even save memorabilia like your ultrasound photos, pics of your growing belly, a baby shower invitation or greeting cards from loved ones.

Baby's arrival! Be sure to have someone take pictures of the labor, the delivery, first time holding your baby and looking into their teeny tiny face! Take photos of the hospital visits from family and friends, flowers sent and well-wishes from others. And then ... coming home from the hospital and realizing just how small they are when you place them in their car seat. 

Now comes the wonderfully sweet baby photos of everyday life! Everything they do is adorable so in addition to their physical changes, you'll probably want to record the traditional milestones like ... their first smile, laugh, bath, haircut and tooth. Take photos of their nursery and cuddles with their siblings and other family.

Don't forget, the first time they rolled over, their favorite toy, sitting up, crawling, walking, etc. So many great moments! And oh, the holidays! Add pictures of their first Easter basket, Halloween costume and their meeting with Santa.

This would also make an amazing baby shower gift for anyone who's expecting or a thoughtful present after the baby's arrival. You could buy it premade or as a kit and enjoy the process of making it yourself. Then tell them you handmade it and enjoy the accolades!!   

This sweet "Hello Baby" scrapbook is 8"x8" and has 12 pages (6 double sided). It has super useful pockets, fold out pages and will hold 36+ photos of your favorite little memories. So buy one today and enjoy your forever keepsake!

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