Friday, September 28, 2012

Anniversary Sale at Artsy Albums

On October 1 Artsy Albums will be one year old!  In celebration of our first anniversary (or birthday?) I have slashed tons of prices in the shop!

$1.99 scrapbook supplies
$2.99 chipboard albums
$8-10 paper packs (normally $16 and up)
$29.99 Pre-designed albums! (normally $39.99)

If you live locally (Atlanta area) don't pay shipping! Use coupon code DELIVERY and I will bring your order to you!

Visit the SALE section of the website today -- Artsy Albums SALE

Thank you SO much for helping to make our first year so awesome!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It was a year ago...

The second week of September, 2011 -- just over a year ago.  I was visiting the Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain, GA and walked into a booth.  Little did I know at the time, how much I would be changed when I walked out of this booth.

Let me back up a bit.  In the months leading up to this festival, I had been struggling with a nagging desire to leave a job I loved, and step out on my own.  It was a gut feeling that made me nauseous and giddy, and completely vulnerable.

I had been working for a major scrapbook retailer for years.  I was doing what I loved.  I was designing mini album kits, interacting with creative women, and sharing the importance of preserving our photos and telling our stories.  I never once woke up and said "I don't want to go to work today."
I was happy.

But there were these whispers in my head...
"this is not what you are suppose to be doing"
"you know what you would love to do -- go do it"
"you have dreams -- TRY!"

As I continued to push the whispers and feelings to the back burner, I scrapbooked.  Just like I had for years ... everyday.  I made 12x12 pages of my boys, their birthdays, and our family vacations.  I also started creating more mini albums.  No pictures, no journaling, just the albums.  I would buy supplies, make an album, and put them into a plastic bin.   I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but they were fun to make.

Fast forward to the Yellow Daisy Festival.  I went to the event with two of my girlfriends who knew about my "someday dreams".  We talked about my albums, my desire to do something on my own, and the fact that all of the creative people at this festival had actually taken the leap...followed their heart...and were selling their art and designs.  It was fun to walk into each booth and absorb all of the creative energy.

Mid-way through the day, I walked into the booth that, unbeknownst to me at the time, would change me.  Holly Lane Designs was just another booth.  Several tables of silver jewelry, tucked under a canopy.  Nothing extravagant, nothing that screamed 'Wow!' -- just very well done, with pretty jewelry, nice displays, and an obvious purpose.  After 5-10 minutes of looking at her designs, I decided to introduce myself to the seller and learn more.  I'm not sure why I wanted to meet her -- I hadn't introduced myself to any other artist at the festival.

Tiffany Scott, the artist behind Holly Lane, was welcoming and very sweet.  She told me about her company, how she got started, and the meaning behind her jewelry.  Tiffany creates Christian jewelry in hopes to touch people in a unique way and share her love of Christ.

After talking with this artist, I knew I wanted a piece of her jewelry.  I decided to add one of her charms to a bracelet that I was wearing.  She had so many.  Each one was unique and came with a story card, including the name of the piece, and the bible verse it represented.

I purchased the first charm I picked up.  It's message resonated through me like the strongest whisper  I had heard yet.  The charm was simple and the story card was clear:

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Photo by Holly Lane Designs

The next day, I gave my notice at work.  I started brainstorming business names, and on October 1, 2011 Artsy Albums was born.

It has been a scary, fun, stressful, and exhilarating year.  I've been strongly supported by family, friends, and lots of wonderful customers and I'm blessed everyday to be living my dream and "designing a life I love".

If you have a dream, especially a scary "someday dream"... walk into a booth and be brave!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Fun New Mini Album Kit "The Good Life"

I am just quickly adding a few new photos of the latest kit release from Artsy Albums!  I would post more, but I'm rushing to get to my son's senior float building event, of which I am in charge :) ...

This kit will be added in the kit collection section of the website tomorrow, but it is currently available in the shop!

Also, stay tuned for a super cute 9x9" Christmas kit coming later this week too! Start thinking about those Christmas and Holiday gifts ;)

 Artsy Albums Shop - The Good Life Mini Album Kit

Hope you are all having an awesome day!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making the Grade with Little Yellow Bicycle

Good morning all

Most of us are back in the school routine now.  My son's school is preparing for homecoming, football games have started, and there is a hint of coolness to the Georgia air.  Fall is almost here and I have so many fun things planned for projects, kits, and albums this fall!  One project that I have been wanting to do for years, is a mini album of wallet-sized school photos for each of my boys.  Their 12x12 scrapbooks are almost done, but I wanted to do something fun with those small school pictures that I have so many of.

It was perfect when Little Yellow Bicycle contacted me and asked me to be part of their Cycling team and design a project with their school line 'Makin the Grade'.  I immediately thought of my school photo idea.  I also recently got a great locker album die from AccuCut that was perfect for the project.

Here are photos of the mini album.  This album is also posted on Little Yellow Bicycle's blog today so please take a moment to click on their link and leave a comment!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Creative Space

I often get asked about my scrapbook studio and several people have asked me to post pictures.  I recently moved from a smaller room to a much larger space in my basement so I wanted to share photos of both.  I loved the built-ins in my old room, but once I started Artsy Albums, I quickly out-grew that space.  Now, I have my little piece of paradise in a larger room down the hall.

This was my room before Artsy Albums.

My built-ins were wonderful, housing everything from inks and paint, to tools, stamps 
and computer equipment.

This was a favorite cabinet!  All of the plastic bins on top held scrap paper by color, the bins on the bottom help my wooden stamp collection by category and theme.

This is my new space. Much roomier with space for my three project tables to be centered in the middle of the room with easy access to everything.

Instead of one IKEA expedit unit, now I have 2 and they hold everything from Artsy Albums kits on the top shelves, to supplies and paper below.

This one holds years of scrapbooks (even from high school) and my collection of acrylic stamps, which are in binders by category and theme along the top shelves.  To the left of this Ikea unit sits my 12" wide format printer -- a tool I could not live without!

These are my three (soon to be four) project tables -- the taller desk on the far end is from Home Depot (Martha Stewart Project Table) and the other two are from Ikea.  Need one more and then I might have enough space to control all of the creative chaos that occurs before a new kit hits my website. 
(And so more of my scrappy friends can come over to play)!

This is a bookshelf that I keep completed kit albums on, in addition to baskets 
of "soon-to-be-a-kit"product!  You can see that some of this has over-flowed 
on to a folding table to the side.  

The bookshelf below holds more extra product and my smaller die cut machines.  
I have another table in the corner for my large AccuCut machine.

This is where all of the "not-fun" side of the business happens -- paying taxes, 
printing invoices, supply ordering etc.  I do love my corner table and drawer units however...these are guessed it! Ikea.  The drawers hold inks, paint, office supplies, computer cords, etc.

Finally, these shelves hold most of my little embellishments -- brads, buttons, 
flowers, chipboard, and ribbon.  

So that's where I spend a good 80% of almost everyday.  I love it and am blessed with a husband and two sons who agreed to move the big screen TV into a smaller room.  What's the saying?... "happy wife, happy life"? or...."if Momma's not happy, ain't nobody's happy?"

This wife and momma is very happy :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Yellow Bicycle & Makin the Grade

I'm SO excited to get to create something fun with Little Yellow Bicycle's Makin the Grade collection this week!  LYB has always been one of my favorite scrapbook companies.  I'm a girl that loves all of the embellishments that come with a paper line and I always have to have every single piece.  LYB never disappoints when it comes to embellishments!

I will be a very happy girl this week...