Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Years K-12 Keepsake Album

Today's post includes pictures of the newest addition to the Artsy Album shop!  This school days album is perfect for those wallet sized photos that you have collected from each of a student's years at school!

The album starts with a fun cover page, has a "first day of school" page, has a page dedicated to each year of school K-8, and then two pages dedicated to the high school years 9-12 !

There are 20 wonderful 6x6 pages in this pre made album, and the red leather-like cover by American Crafts has a window on the front for a title or photo.

You can find this fantastic school keepsake in my shop at Etsy here:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Custom Baby Boy album

Good morning friends!
Today I am posting pics of a baby boy album that I had a custom request for.  I love to do custom orders, so please let me know if there is ever anything you need.  And thanks, Luna! Let me know if you had something different in mind.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Disney Memories

I have so many great memories of Disney World.  I grew up in south Florida, so going to Disney was a common 3-hour trip for me.  I remember my first visit to see Mickey was with my cousins, the next one was with my junior high-school class, then my senior class, then several college trips with friends, and then, of course, taking my boys.

As a teenager, the rides were the best part...but after having my boys, the best part was watching their faces light up when they saw the characters.  I would have the camera ready, and Jack would walk Jordy and Rian up to meet Mickey, Donald or Pluto...autograph book in hand.  The boys would smile and hold out their book.  Getting those Disney friends to sign their book was so exciting for the boys when they were little.

These memories prompted me to create a scrapbook that combined autograph cards with photos that are taken when getting the signatures.  I first created this design when I worked for Archivers.  So if those of you who know me from the store think this design looks a little familiar, it is.  My philosophy?  Why mess with success?  I loved the idea of combining autographs and photos in one album so I decided to recreate my original design for Artsy Albums.

I will also do "Disney Princess" albums or other character albums (Winnie the Pooh, Nemo, Cars, etc.) for anyone who wants a custom design.

I miss our trips to Disney...may have to plan a trip for this year....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vintage is new again...

What do you think of when something is described as vintage?  Do you think of a certain decor, rotary-dial phones, or the Campbell's Soup kids?  Maybe you think of a style of clothing...granny-chic is becoming very popular these days.  If you are like my father, you think of a wine made from grapes that were grown and harvested in a single specified year.

For me, when I hear the term vintage, I think about old classic movies and yellowed postcards from days when everyone's handwriting seemed to look the same.  I also think of tools like old-fashioned sewing machines and typewriters.  Regardless of your vision, what is old always seems to be new again to someone -- probably the reason my sister and I love to shop antique stores for old vintage items that we can repurpose into something new.

And this is probably why when I saw the vintage inspired paper lines from Bo Bunny and Prima, I knew I wanted to make an album with them.  Images of post marks, old clocks, railroad tickets, and brittle yellow newspaper remind me of slower, quieter times when handmade items were the way it was done.  I would love to see someone's vintage photos preserved in this little album ....

As always, thank you for visiting Artsy Albums.  To purchase this album, or anything else handmade by me, please visit my shop at: