Friday, August 27, 2010

Roxanne's Photo Tray

Wow, did y'all think I disappeared? Basically I did...into the migraine world temporarily and it was not fun. But the migraines are gone and I am back to creating again! I met with one of my good friends, Roxanne, yesterday to scrap and she got a lot more done than me so I decided to post her creation instead of mine (which still is not done). Not to mention that her creation is super fabulous and so worthy of posting!! Check it out...

Rox completed this 7 Gypsies photo tray with awesome family pictures and the Bo Bunny Mamarazzi line. I just LOVE it -- of course she has one of those beautiful families that photographs great too -- look at those pictures! You did a great job on this have inspired me to make a photo tray and go get some professional family pictures taken. You always cost me money.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too cute for teenagers!

I had to buy it...look at those cute little sea creatures! However, I knew I was going to have to dig up some very old beach pictures because this paper is way too "cute" for pictures of my teenage boys on the beach. They would kill me! So, I looked back through old beach pictures and came up with Hilton Head 1998. This paper is Imaginese and oh so very adorable. I combined it with a piece of Bo Bunny aquamarine double dot cardstock and found a great way to put seven, count them 7, pictures on a single page layout. Very happy with the result, but the best part? Jordy saw the layout and did not fuss at me for using this cute paper.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A layout, a cute picture, and tacos

I got home from school orientation and decided I wanted to scrapbook for a little while before dinner. It was probably about 4:30. My oldest son decided he was already hungry but once he saw me entering my scrapbook room he realized my dinner schedule and his were not in sync. Being the sweet kid he is, and the hungry guy he stays, he proposed a solution. He suggested that if I give him money, he would go to the store, buy stuff to make tacos, AND come home and make them. SCORE! I could not say yes fast enough! He gets to eat sooner and I get to scrap longer! Win-win! So, as a result of this happy arrangement, I created this layout of my sweet niece, Taylor. Although she was 5 years old in this picture (adorable!), she is 15 now. Taylor is still beautiful and I love her dearly. I have three nieces and they are always my excuse for buying really cute, pink, girly scrapbook paper. 


Sunday, August 1, 2010

My baby's growing up!

Every mom cringes when she sees THAT picture...the one that SHOWS her that her baby does not really LOOK like a baby anymore. This is that picture for me. Rian is my youngest, my baby. (I also saw "THE picture" of Jordy, my oldest, and I did not like it one bit). THIS is THAT picture for Rian. Ri grew 6 inches last is that possible?

I hate that my sweet boys are growing up so fast. HOWEVER, I have a very good friend (and you know who you are) who reminds me that my job is to raise your kids so that one day they become really amazing adults. So true...

Right now, this is a really amazing teenager...

Bo Bunny Block Party collection