Friday, February 5, 2021

Never Grow Up Scrapbook Album

Hi guys! I've got coffee in hand, a smile on my face and a new album to share! Yep ... sounds like a perfectly wonderful Friday to me! And today's cute album will have you thinking about the simple joys of life and sweet childhood memories. Remember being little, exploring the outdoors, breathing the fresh air, blue skies, laying in bright green grass and enjoying nature? Great times! 🌞

I love this title, Never grow up. It reminds us that we should always be playful and curious and adventurous. Our little ones understand that so easily as they live in the moment and enjoy all of nature's little wonders.

This album would be perfect for saving photos of your child's curious imagination and sense of exploration. Celebrate them playing outside, searching for crawling critters and trying to catch butterflies.  
There are wildflowers and tree houses and jumping frogs throughout this adorable scrapbook. Oh, to have a tree house when I was little ... that would have been magical. I did do a lot of tree climbing and frog catching ... often at the same time. So much fun! 

I can just imagine all the sweet pictures that could fill this album. Playing kickball in the backyard, creating mud pies with friends, jumping in puddles and making new discoveries. All the photos of those curious, adorable and messy little faces are just priceless.
Your kids don't have to go far to explore the wonders of nature. Maybe you've started a garden in the backyard where they can go bug hunting, looking for snails or counting ladybugs! 

Or maybe you've taken a weekend trip to the lake or to the mountains. This would be perfect for photos of your littles discovering hidden trails, picking flowers or biking through a park. 

Have your kiddos been fishing with dad or grandpa, catching tadpoles in the pond or skipping rocks on the lake? What great little explorers they can be. 
What about a weekend of camping, catching fireflies in the evening as the sun goes down, roasting hotdogs over a campfire or laying under the stars finding constellations. What wonderful, magical moments ...

This scrapbook album is cheerful and whimsical and will remind you of your own childhood fun. Save those memories or the ones your children are experiencing now. Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. I love this album so much! Do you have downloadable instructions for this?