Monday, December 7, 2020

Recipe Scrapbook Album Instructions

Hi scrappers! Recently, I've had a lot of requests for the instructions to my What's Cookin' Recipe Album kit that sold out in September. So, I just added them to my shop! They are simple, step-by-step, and include full color photos of each page. Now, you can replicate this fun project yourself.

If you love to cook, bake, and enjoy great food ... this is a perfect scrapbook for you. It's a great way to organize your recipes and photos, AND it makes an amazing keepsake or handmade gift for someone.

What's Cookin' Recipe Scrapbook Album by Artsy Albums
To purchase the instructions for this project visit:

There are so many ways to collect great recipes - from a friend, an online search, Pinterest, or the best way ... passed down through generations. Saving these recipes in this way honors the cooks and bakers that came before us and creates an album that will become a family heirloom.

Recipe Scrapbook Album page with tag and ribbon

Spend time choosing your recipes. Consider your family traditions, holidays, meals you made from your garden, amazing desserts, etc. I have some recipe cards that are in my mom's handwriting. They are my most treasured! You may also have magazine clippings, photos, and journal tidbits to add. Great!

What's Cookin' Recipe Scrapbook Album page with canister die cuts

I love the idea of adding photos to recipe books. Gather pictures of the people that inspired you, created the recipe, the completed dish, and the ingredients that go into it. Add fun photos of you, family, friends, your kitchen, or your garden. Photos will make your scrapbook so meaningful.

What's Cookin' Recipe Scrapbook Album page with hearts, a cake, and cute kitchen supplies

If you want to personalize your book even more, journal about who created the recipe or who's in the photo, when they made it, where the photo was taken, what was the occasion, etc. Or keep it simple and type or write the date, place, or person’s name. These can be added next to your recipes and photos as a continuation of the story of your family history.

What's Cookin' Recipe Scrapbook Album page with tabs, flowers, and honey jar

For this album, I created tabbed divider pages to organize the recipes. I used stickers from the Simple Stories Apron Strings collection but you can customize the tabs to whatever you like.

What's Cookin' Recipe Scrapbook Album page with flowers, lemmon, and kitchen supplies

I added lots of clear divided page protectors for recipes and photos. This way, they are preserved but you can still take them out if necessary.

What's Cookin' Recipe Scrapbook Album with recipe cards

So many cute recipe cards!

What's Cookin' Recipe Scrapbook Album with recipe cards

I created this with a red 6x8 inch Simple Stories binder and two different collections that I fell in love with. One was the Simple Stories, Apron Strings Collection and the other was the Echo Park, Farmhouse Kitchen Collection.

What's Cookin' Recipe Scrapbook Album by Artsy Albums

Below, I've added the links to my instructions and the products used. This recipe scrapbook is such a fun and simple project that anyone can create. I hope you have fun with it!

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  1. Great looking recipe book. What did you start with... a book or did you make it yourself?