Friday, December 4, 2020

Christmas Elf Album - The Elf Made Me Do It

Hey guys, it's Fridayyyyy! That means a NEW album. Yippeee! And this one works for 2 fun ideas. It can be for any of your cute Christmas pictures. Or it can be all about that little elf, that ... ummmm, sits on a shelf. Yep, you know the one ... Santa's little helper that watches the littles by day (to encourage good behavior), then reports back to Santa on whether they were naughty or nice.

The fun part is that kids wake up each morning to find that their elf has been busy doing all sorts of activities while they slept. These little moments make perfect pictures to treasure in this album! And I have some silly ideas of just what those elves might be up to ...

If the elf wanted to watch a Christmas show, he/she could borrow Barbie's sports car or a Tonka truck to visit the drive-in movies! Just set up an iphone, tablet or laptop and line up other toys in cars as they watch too!

Maybe the elf got curious and was found half buried in the couch cushions looking for loose change. Ya never know what he or she will find in that couch but, laying next to him might be a button, a hair clip or crumbs!

Is the elf artistic? Maybe Elf decided to draw silly faces on the bananas in your kitchen. Or, decorate the eggs in your refrigerator by drawing Christmas trees, candy canes or cute holiday messages on them with markers! 

Wait ... a .... minute. Maybe the elf is putting together this scrapbook kit!! With stickers stuck everywhere! Yessss! Ok, I'm pattin' myself on the back for that one.😎

If the elf is feeling mischievous, maybe he (or she!) TP'ed the inside of the house with toilet paper. Or hides candy canes everywhere to find like a treasure hunt. Or the elf could write a fun message or draw a silly picture on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. Those silly elves!

If the elf is feeling really helpful he/she could have quiet time, where they read a book to other toys sitting in a circle. Or they could take the stuffed animal dogs on a walk, with leashes made of ribbon or string!

If their elf loves playing outdoors maybe they start a snowball fight with another toy using mini marshmallows or ... builds a snowman out of the large ones! They could make snow angels in sugar, colored sprinkles, mini marshmallows or rice sprinkled on the countertop or table. Love that one!


If the elf is feeling adventurous, he/she could go fishing in the sink with a makeshift fishing rod (a stick and string tied to it) and gold fish crackers. Yum! Or go rock climbing! Stick small holiday gift wrap bows on a wall or window in 2 alternating rows going up and display your elf mid-climb!

Or ... if you have an elf-less house this year, that's ok! This would be a sweet album to save any holiday pictures in a big beautifully lit tree, a light show, or you and your sweetie on Christmas morning.

Be sure to visit my shop to get "The Elf Made Me Do It" Christmas album before they sell out. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

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