Thursday, October 22, 2020

Wizard Magic, Harry Potter Inspired Scrapbook Album

Hey guys, I have another awesome new album and today's is a Harry Potter inspired scrapbook of amazingness! It's called Wizard Magic and it's perfect for anyone who loves witchcraft, wizardry, magic and all things Harry Potter!

To purchase the instructions to make this album visit:

I have so many ideas for different pictures & memorabilia that can be saved in this so ... I made a list! 

1. Let's start with the Potterheads!

Die-hard Harry Potter fans would love to fill this with pictures of friends, family, pets, etc. They don't care if the photos have anything to do with wizards. They just love Harry Potter and anything that relates to it! I mean, the theme is super cool and ... they're gonna love having it just sitting around as decor!

2. A trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios!

This would be a great place to save all your fun photos from a trip to the sunshine state. The thrilling rides, the Hogwarts Express Train and the Butterbeer! 

3. Save your magic memorabilia!

The handy pocket below would be great for saving extra pictures, movie ticket stubs, stickers, postcards, or the brochure or theme park map from your trip to Universal Studios.

4. How about pictures of an awesome Halloween costume! 

Yes this would be perfect for Harry Potter costumes, but it would also work great for a witch, wizard, owl, ghost, dragon, serpent, troll or a spider!

5. What about a wizard-themed birthday party! 

I know lots of kids, preteens, teens and college-aged students love Harry Potter. This album would be great for pictures of a full-on decorated birthday celebration with Potter themed balloons, streamers, games and activities or ... something more simple like a Harry Potter movie marathon & dinner!

6. A day or weekend at a comic book convention like Comic-Con!

So many people love to attend these events and get autographs, buy artwork or memorabilia and dress up in cosplay. Save your pictures with friends or celebrities right here and don't forget your tickets and autographs!

7. Documenting an amazing collection!

This would be a great place to save photos of your magic or wizard collectibles. Now-a-days people have enormous collections. Document them with photos of your figurines, comics, pins, books, mugs, posters, wands and t-shirts!

8. Pictures of a Quidditch game!
If you thought it was just a fictional sport played in Harry Potter, you'd be wrong! A real-life version of the game exists where players use brooms, but run instead of flying. I know ... who knew!? It's really popular with college-aged students.
So ... whether you have great Halloween photos of your littles dressed as witches and wizards or you're a huge Harry Potter fan, this album would be perfect for all your magical memories! Thanks for stopping by. 😊
To purchase the instructions to make this album visit:
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