Wednesday, October 7, 2020

How to Display Your Scrapbook Collection

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share some ideas of how I display my scrapbook albums. 

If you're like me, scrapbooks are like french fries ... you can't have just one!! You have to have one for each season. And each holiday!! Oh wait ... and travel and birthdays. And pet! Uh, and beach, baby and wedding! And yes, you may have 16 Christmas albums but then you see a really cute NEW one that you don't have and boom! Before you know it, you have yourself a little collection! (or a little addiction 😂 

But how do we store them all? Our most special ones are just way to pretty to put on a shelf with only the spines showing. I mean, these are mini works of art that hold our precious photos. And most of them are retired, limited editions, never to be created again! They deserve better. 

So here are some pretty ways I display my minis year round and seasonally ...

Let's start simple. One gorgeous album may be all you need to add a little pop of color or interest to a quiet little space.  

I always display a seasonal scrapbook in my entryway along with other holiday decor. Every time my family walks by, they're reminded of those wonderful memories. 

Too many cute ones to pick just one? Group them by theme, like these Halloween minis. So cute and a great way to decorate for the holiday, even in the kitchen!

This photo stand by 7Gypsies is perfect for displaying my Thanksgiving album. It takes up very little room so it's great for a small spot. Just hang the binder rings over the bar. Super easy! I've had this one forever but I found it online HERE ... and they're on sale!! 

Sometimes, I'll display an album on a book stand and open the pages. It allows me to see a lot of photos at one time and all the sweet embellishments and papers, too! 

How about a basket full of minis! It's a perfect way to display a bunch of albums and it makes them accessible for others to flip through and enjoy. Imagine this full of Easter albums & pastel colored grass. So cute!

Next up, bookshelves. Mix it up with some covers facing out and simpler ones lined up underneath. And did you guys notice that all the albums in the photo below match? You have no idea how happy this makes me!

Or ... face them ALL out and enjoy your wonderful scrapbook album collection every single day!

This next idea is awesome. I have a giant pegboard in my scrapbook room and I love displaying mini albums there. I hung a bunch from their rings and set some on display stands. But, you could easily replicate this look without the pegboard. Just fill an empty wall space with pretty hooks and arrange your adorable minis! 

Here's another look at one of the bookshelves in my scrapbook room. I'm planning another post soon where I'll share my entire workspace. Stay tuned!

I hope this gives you some new ideas on how to display your own mini album collection! If you have a clever way of displaying yours, please share! I would love to see pictures! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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  1. Great ways to display those albums!
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