Friday, March 4, 2022

This Is Me: Looking Back Album

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so excited to share today's new album with you, but first ... a little backstory. For many of us who love to scrap, we mainly focus on our families' lives and unfortunately, rarely share details about ourselves. I lost my mother in high school and as an adult, I wish I knew more about her. So with that in mind, I created a series of albums called This Is Me (I, II, & III) over the past few years. These projects were designed to be all about YOU and your story in the present. 

Today, I'm introducing a NEW edition in the This Is Me series and it's called Looking Back. This album is the prequel and tells the story of your childhood. You decide what years you want the album to be about. It can start with your birth and go through middle school, high school or college. Or ... just focus on a specific period, like adolescence. It's all about YOU, looking back.
Looking Back childhood scrapbook album

To purchase the instructions for this album visit:

I designed this 6"x8" album with Echo Park's, Play All Day collection and it's filled with rainbows, flowers, sunshine and happiness! There are lots of pretty colors, and positive affirmations. It's perfect for highlighting your sweet childhood memories.

Looking Back childhood scrapbook album page with stars

I'm including custom journaling cards and title prompts in the kit for you to pick from. The card above is for the day you were born but if you prefer to start later in your childhood, you can use a different one.

Childhood scrapbook album page with rainbows and stars

This album is packed with 40 pages (20 double-sided) and space for 70 photos!! It comes with 3 chipboard tabbed pages so you can separate time periods if you'd like, 1 pocket page for memorabilia and 6 super cute flippies!

Childhood scrapbook album page with rainbow folding card

There is plenty of space to document funny stories and special relationships with the people you loved. Were you really close with a grandparent, mom and dad, or your sister?

Childhood scrapbook album page with sunshine

Be sure to include where you lived, photos of your childhood home, and the wonderful holidays. Don't forget to add your favorite hobbies (art, photography, dance, singing, musical instruments, drama, video games, gardening, or sewing). Did you love to play sports, do yoga, go bowling, or volunteer?

Childhood scrapbook album page with flower folding card

And we can't forget about your friends. Were you part of a little group or did you stay close to one specific bestie? Did you meet them in your neighborhood, at school, in sports or a club? What was your favorite thing to do together?

Childhood scrapbook album page with pets

Did you have pets growing up? Were you a cat family or a dog family? Or both? Or neither! Did you have hamsters, birds or no pets at all?

Childhood scrapbook album page with flowers

Sometimes the best part about looking back is seeing how our styles have changed. Oh, how I laugh at myself. Back then my big 1980's hair, thick shoulder pads and neon earrings were awesome! Maybe not so much now, but it sure is fun to remember!

Childhood scrapbook album page with sunshine

Talk about your proud achievements whether it's a dance recital, an award, winning of the science fair, making the cheerleading squad or soccer team or getting first place in the school art show. Celebrate your accomplishments!

Childhood scrapbook album page with rainbows and a pocket

Did you go on a vacation to Disney, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, the beach or the cabin in the mountains? Be sure to include your memorable vacations and the sites that you never want to forget. 

This will be the keepsake for your childhood memories. This is all about YOU ... looking back. Thanks for stopping by!

Update: This kit has sold out but I've added the links for the Instructions and the products used below. My instructions are simple, step-by-step and include measurements and full color photos of each page. Happy scrappin'!

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