Thursday, January 7, 2021

This Is Me Project Coming Tomorrow!

As scrapbookers and memory keepers, we are usually our family's historian of sorts.  We document all the important moments and take pictures at every event and holiday. But the one thing we don't do often enough, is tell our own story.  

We are part of our family's story, yes ... and our friends' stories... but sometimes we leave out the details about the person behind the camera.  It feels strange to some of us to scrapbook about ourselves, especially when we barely have enough time to get everyone else's pages done. But the phrase I built my company around rings true ... someday, someone may want, or need to know.

So, I'm starting a new project with a community of women who want to tell their stories.  Details will be available here on my blog tomorrow, Friday Jan. 8 (or if you can't wait to read more about the project, visit my This Is Me page today.

The project will be available for purchase 
tomorrow, January 8  
12 pm eastern standard time 
(Limited to 53 participants)!

Stay tuned!! 

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