Friday, January 15, 2021

New 6 Feet Apart Scrapbook Album

Hellooooo fabulous Friday, I'm so glad you're here! It's time for another new album and my latest one is a quarantine scrapbook titled "6 Feet Apart". 

As our journey continues 1 year into the pandemic, we're all waiting patiently for things to calm. I pray that everyone is staying healthy and positive and enjoying the nice distraction of scrapping. Let's continue to document our lives with photos, memorabilia and adventurous tales so that one day we'll have a memorable keepsake to look back on.

To purchase the instructions to make this album visit:
Did you know that crafting is actually good for us? It can shift our attention away from negative or worrisome thoughts and be very calming. It also gives us a sense of productivity and is an excellent way to break up the day. So, in other words ... stay calm and scrap on!

Scrapping can also bring us joy by feeling creative, laughing at pictures of people we love and remembering a funny day. I think it's good to document it all ... the good, the bad and the ugly. Let's be real ... some days we can just be proud of ourselves if we made the bed, showered and got something to eat!
Other days we're feeling more productive with exercise, meal prepping, ordering our groceries online, and working from home. This is a very different picture than 2 years ago so continue to document your story, be crafty and have fun.

Need some ideas of what to include in your album? Here's just a few ...

Redecorate your at-home office by painting the walls a fresh and cheerful color. Add some pretty new artwork and rearrange the furniture. Show what your work life looks like today.

Exercising from home? Snap pics of your at-home gym, a selfie after an exhausting workout or maybe a view from your favorite jogging trail. Try a new yoga app or meditate and journal about a more peaceful outlook.

Feeling brave? Dye your hair a new color or add a few highlights. One advantage of being home ... no one needs to see it if you don't like the way it turns out!

Learn a new skill like
origami. According to Japanese tradition, folding 1,000 paper cranes is said to make one special wish come true or grant happiness and eternal good luck. Don't forget to keep a crane for the scrapbook!  Or you could learn calligraphy. Both skills would actually be awesome for a scrapbooker. Paper folding and beautiful handwriting!

Learn to quilt those t-shirts, sports jerseys or baby clothes. Ya never know, you just may check something off your bucket list with this time at home. 

Start a puzzle and work on it as you have time. Play a board game with your family or have an indoor scavenger hunt with the kiddos. Clear out the family room and camp indoors with cozy blankets, popcorn and scary movies. Or bake your mom's amazing banana bread or learn a new recipe for dinner

Take pictures, journal about the month's happenings and include your new recipe card or scavenger hunt clues in the scrapbook.

Oh, I have a good one! Spend an evening making new and interesting cocktails with a friend.🍹 Or have a virtual wine tasting with someone who has the same wine. Save the labels off the bottles and scrap them in your album!

Here's some not-so-attractive but totally funny and necessary ideas. 4 days in the same pajamas ... scrap it. Cereal for dinner ... scrap it. Closet full of enough toilet paper to take care of the entire population of New York ... photograph that stash! It's funny, it's real and it's our lives and ... it's ok. We're here and we're ok. 

Set a goal to read 1 new book each month, then take a picture of the cover and scrap the photos. #Goals

Start growing and caring for indoor plants. Science has proven that plants provide awesome benefits. They reduce stress, sharpen your attention, increase a feeling of well-being for people who suffer from depression or anxiety, boosts your productivity, improve your outlook and improve the quality of indoor air! OMG ... doesn't everyone need a houseful of plants right about now?!

Maybe you finally get to a project that's been weighing on you like ... organizing your closet, making donations, or having a garage sale. 

Are you a first responder or do you have family or friends that are? You can honor them by making a page just for them or giving this as a gift. Instead of a cape, our heroes wear masks, scrubs and face shields. We are blessed to have them. Thank you for all that you do! 

While some thought this past 2020 would be the year that they got everything they wanted, instead it became the year that we appreciated everything we had. 💗

Update:  This album is sold out, however you can purchase the instructions for it in my shop! They are simple, step-by-step, and include full color photos of each page. Below are the product links to make shopping easy.
To purchase the instructions to make this album visit:

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