Thursday, November 4, 2021

Artsy Albums Kits 101

Hello friends! Today, I'd like to talk about what's in an Artsy Albums Kit and why they're so great for everyone ... from avid scrapbookers to someone who has never scrapped a day in their life!

So first, what's included in a kit? Here is a cute example ... this is my Disney themed "Vacation Memories" Album Kit. As you can see, each kit comes with all of the materials that are needed to complete the project.  The only thing not included is adhesive and a few small tools, for example ... scissors, a standard hole punch, etc. Each listing description in the shop will tell you what is included in the kit, and what tools or adhesive are needed.


The photo above is an example of what an album kit might include ... an album, precut pattern paper and card stock that are bagged by pages, journaling cards, title cards, packages of die cuts or other embellishments, ribbon and full color instructions sent via PDF download. You can also purchase the instructions printed, if you prefer.

The supplies for each page are separated into individual bags and labeled. Ex: Pages 1-10.  All you have to do is pull the materials out of the bag and leave them stacked in order.  As you complete the pages you will work through your stack ... simple!
I introduce a new & different kit each week on Friday and they vary depending on the collection and particular supplies used.  These photos show the supplies in my Vacation Memories (disney-themed) kit.  I also have fall, recipe, Christmas, pet, and many other themes in the shop.
Here is an example of a 12x12 page layout kit ... it's my "Fab-BOO-Lous" Halloween 4-page Layout kit. So cute!  It includes 12x12 base card stock, pre-cut pattern paper, and lots of cute embellishments. 

As I mentioned, Artsy Albums kits are perfect for anyone who wants to document their stories and save photos, regardless of scrapbooking experience. 

If you are an avid scrapbooker, a mini album or page kit is great if you are 
  • short on time, 
  • packing for a crop of retreat
  • making several gifts at a time
  • want to be creative without having to think about design
  • want a fun step-by-step activity to do with children or another family member like your mom or grandmother
  • are taking a vacation and want a simple project for the plane or for some creative time while away, etc.  
If you have never scrapbooked it can seem daunting at first.  So many supplies and paper choices!  Where do you start?  Well a kit is the perfect solution because everything is pre-cut, predesigned, very organized and includes easy to follow, step by step instructions.  
My son, Rian, says my scrapbook kits are like legos for crafters 😊... everything comes in the bag with instructions!  You can also can think of them like a recipe, or a Home Chef (or similar) meal kit 😊 ... love those!  They save me time, teach me something new, and make my life easier!

Once you finish your kits, you'll have wonderful keepsakes that you and your family and friends can treasure for many generations to come.  

To see all of my currently available kits, please visit my Artsy Albums shop at

Thank you from the bottom of my crafty heart ❤️

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  1. These kits are the best ever!!!!! I am a traditional scrapbooker and will continue in that fashion but these kits are a combination of beautiful, colorful and fun. I use them to tell a bigger overall story on a specific subject if that makes any sense. It is a fun diversion at times from traditionally what I do.