Friday, April 23, 2021

NEW! Happy Camper Scrapbook Album

Hi friends! It's Friday FUN DAY and I have a brand new outdoor album for you titled Happy Camper. It's perfect for saving photos and souvenirs from your nature inspired adventures! Take a look ...

There’s nothing quite like the stillness and serenity of the great outdoors. The further away you get from civilization and your daily routine, the more relaxed your life can seem. Breath in the fresh air, smell the pine trees, let the sun warm your face and listen to the sound of the birds ... ahhhh nature. 

And speaking of nature, what do you think of the scene on this fold-out page? Doesn't it look like an awesome paint by numbers? I absolutely LOVE it!! 💗

Whether it's a trip to a lake, a weekend of camping, hiking in a national park, fishing, canoeing or white water river rafting ... my album highlights your photos beautifully!

There are pockets for souvenirs that you've collected along the way like park maps, postcards, brochures, travel stickers, tickets, matchbook covers, etc. Your photos and memorabilia help to preserve the memories of the places you've visited and the adventures you've had.

I love the traditional feel of this collection. The papers are designed with travel stickers, pennants, road signs and maps. There's even a wood-paneled station wagon and pop-up camper! Who's vacationed in one of those? Sound like fun! All of these elements make a great backdrop for your outdoor photos.

So many outdoor activities and so little time! Here are some fun daytime activities to document in this album: backpacking or hiking, tubing down the river, bike riding, swimming, picking wild flowers, reading (or napping!) in a hammock, rock climbing, playing horseshoe, a ropes course, kayaking, fishing, making mud pies or climbing trees.

And at night: build a campfire, cook hot dogs, roast marshmallows, make s'mores, lay out a giant blanket and stargaze, take the canoe out for an evening paddle, tell ghost stories, play flashlight tag or catch fireflies.

Is the wilderness your happy place? Then go exploring, find new adventure, visit a park and enjoy nature! And all along the way, be sure to take pictures and save them in my Happy Camper Album.
Not a fan of the outdoors? That's ok! This would make a wonderful handmade gift for someone who loves it. And btw ... it could be perfect for Father's Day. Just sayin'. 😉 

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