Friday, May 1, 2020

National Scrapbook Day

Hey guys! Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day and Artsy Albums has some fun things planned that include free stuff! And who doesn’t like FREE?!

Here’s a sneak peek on what’s happening on Saturday!

on Facebook and Instagram throughout the day so check in often so you don't miss out!

will be offered in my shop for instructions on how to make a really cute album. Saturday ONLY so set a reminder!

There's going to be a sale in my shop!!

Yessss, I love this day. It brings together the talents of like-minded people to celebrate the art of scrapbooking. For those of us who love to preserve our memories and photos in this fun and creative way ... it's like a holiday! And I love giving away things on holidays!

Did you know scrapbooking actually dates back to the 15th century? Yeah .... it's been around a long time. We’re carrying on a 600+ year old tradition. That’s pretty awesome!!

So, let’s honor and celebrate the day by creating a scrapbook page (or two or three, lol) and preserve our memories and photos for future generations to enjoy. Let’s learn a new technique, discover a new tool or... maybe invite someone to learn the love of scrapbooking with us and pass along this meaningful tradition. 

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