Thursday, January 2, 2020

Winter Snowflake Photo Wall Hanging with Doodlebug

Sometimes when I see a new product I get an idea for using it right away.  That's what happened when I saw the acetate snowflakes in the Winter Wonderland Odds & Ends.  I just thought they would be so pretty hanging down from a wall or mobile!

To make this wall hanging, which I also think will be pretty in front of a window, I laid out all of the acetate snowflakes on my craft table first.  This helped with picking sizes and colors.  Then I used a 1/16" hole punch to punch two tiny holes in each piece. 

I used fishing line to string the snowflakes and added a Doodlebug jewel to the front and back of each one.

I added a few snowman sprinkles here and there, and weighted the bottom of the fishing line with two large jewels back to back.

Finally, I added washi tape, die cuts, and ribbon to a thin piece of wood, and hung each strand of snowflakes across the back. 

It really looks so pretty hanging over my corner desk in my craft room, but would also be great in front of a window!  Another idea would be to hang the strands around a decorated embroidery hoop!  Thanks for checking in today, and hopefully I've given you another idea for using these beautiful acetate snowflakes and jewels!

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