Friday, September 2, 2022

365 Days Yearly Scrapbook Album

Ok friends ... are you ready for my newest album?! Today's kit is bright, colorful, and perfect for ANY memory. Many of my kits have more specific themes like dog, cat, Halloween, Disney, etc. but - not today! This kit is titled 365 Days and it's wonderfully, and happily ... generic. I just love it!

365 Family and Friend Scrapbook Album for monthly & everyday photos

To purchase the instructions for this project visit:

I designed it with a pretty yellow 6x8 inch binder and the Good Stuff Collection, both by Simple Stories. This title is so funny to me. Good Stuff. It's so basic and to the point - like Nike's, Just Do It slogan. Kind of brilliant & leaves you wondering why no one's used it for a paper collection before. For scrapping ... people DO prefer to scrap the good stuff. An album about the bad stuff? Uhhh ... no.

Scrapbook Album Page with pocket and journaling card, rainbow stripes and hearts

This album is great for everyday photos, highlights and memorable things that happen throughout the year. Add pictures of loved ones, friends, date night, a birthday, or sweet pics of your fur baby. 

Scrapbook Album Page with folding element, rainbow stripes, flowers and polka dots

Maybe this month, you add pictures of your family that came for a visit. Next month, it could be photos of a remodel on your home. 4 months from now, maybe there's a fun event ... like a party, a festival, a holiday, or a concert. This mini works for everything!

Family & Friend Scrapbook Album Page with flowers & a butterfly

The colors are vibrant and the paper patterns include pretty flowers, dots, stripes and hearts, fruits, butterflies, and way more with the journaling cards and tags.

Family & Friend Scrapbook Album Page with pocket, rainbow colors, hearts and a smiley face

This scrapbook has 28 pages (14 double-sided) and includes 3 pockets (like the pretty one above), 3 fold-out pages, 7 flippies (whoa, that's a lot of flippin' fun!), and space for over 50 photos. Nice.

Family & Friend Scrapbook Album Page with polka dots and a hanging plant

If you are familiar with my This Is Me series ... you could use this as the next addition. Add family memories, pictures from work or school, and save the moments that bring you joy.

Family & Friend Scrapbook Album Page

As the page says above ... I think this album is "gonna be epic", lol!

My kits are not only fun but a creative way to channel your energy. No one wants to think about work, bills, and stressful things all the time, so ... we scrap! I think it's really nice to focus our energy on positive and happy moments. 💕

Update: This kit has sold out but the instructions are available in my shop. They are simple, step-by-step, and include measurements and full color photos of each page. Links for the instructions and the products used are below. Happy scrappin'!

Supplies: Affiliate links are used in this post at no additional cost to you. I receive a small amount of compensation when you click through and shop using the provided links. This helps me to continue building my small business. Thank you!
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