Wednesday, July 6, 2022

NEW! Happy Place Handmade Card Kit

Hey guys, I have something different to share with you today. It's my NEW Happy Place Card Kit and it will be in my shop this coming Friday. It makes 8 cards that are just so cute, I couldn't wait to tell you about them! There are different themes like birthday, thank you, welcome, friend, and some general ones that are perfect for any occasion. Take a look ...

Handmade Greeting Cards with Doodlebug Design My Happy Place Collection

I designed this kit with the adorable Doodlebug My Happy Place Collection. Not only are these cards super fun to make, but they're also a quick project. You can create one or two as needed or ... make all 8 of them at once and have them on hand at a moment's notice.

Handmade Greeting Card with Pink House & flowers

The kit includes 8 white card bases, pre-cut paper, and lots of wonderful embellishments to make the cutest handmade cards. I've even added 2 Doodle-pops like the adorable pink house above.

Handmade Thank You Greeting Card with flowers

So many pretty flowers on this thank you card. And the colors ... just gorgeous! 💛🌷🌻

handmade birthday card with shaker and beads

The birthday card may be my favorite. I added another Doodle-pops called Loads of Fun. (Lol, the names of these!) It's actually a Shaker-pops filled with little beads (I mean bubbles!) bouncing around the socks. So cute.

handmade welcome card with hearts and houses

This welcome card has such a fun little print on it that's filled with items from home. What a great card for a new neighbor. Just imagine how thoughtful they'll think you are when they find out you made it. No new neighbors? Leave it out for a visitor in your guest room!  They will think you are quite the host! 💗

handmade card with flowers using Doodlebug Design collection

I hope you'll give my fun NEW Happy Place Card Kit a try. Maybe you buy 2 and give one away as a gift!

It's great for someone who loves to craft and my instructions are simple. Anyone could make these cards including a tween, teenager, a child that's away at camp or one in college. It might just encourage them to send you or the grandparents a quick note from time to time. It's worth a try!!

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