Friday, July 8, 2022

New Dog and Cat Album Kits!

Happy Friday friends!  You're going to love today's new album kits because ... they're all about our fur babies!! Bow Wow and Meow are both colorful, 5x7 albums that are the perfect size for saving pictures of our furry family members or giving as gifts!  

Dog and Cat Scrapbook Albums By Artsy Albums

First we'll take a peek into Bow Wow.  The cover and spine are so cute and colorful!  I love the little window with the puppy eagerly waiting for his/her family to come home.  

Dog Scrapbook Album with a puppy in the window

Inside, there are 12 chipboard pages (6 double-sided) including 2 fold-out pages for more space, 2 pockets, and 5 flippies.  At least 30 photos will fit in this adorable album!

Dog Scrapbook Album page with dog bowls and treats

There are lots of stickers and twine to embellish your album, and everything is pre-cut ... super easy!  I love those little dog bowls full of bones and treats!

Dog Scrapbook Album page with photo mats and tabs

The little pup above just cracks me up, peering from under the folded page.  His ears are all perked up and he's ready to see your photos!

Dog Scrapbook Album Page with Journaling card and polka dots

The card above folds out so that three photos fit underneath.  I can just see some pics of mischievous puppy antics on these photo mats! But the cat did it! LOL!

Cat Scrapbook Album with a kitten in the window

The Meow album is similar, and just as cute as the puppy version.  

Cat Scrapbook Album page with pocket

There are folding pages and pockets in both albums, perfect for extra photos, vet reports, tags, and other memorabilia.  Here's an idea ... give an album to your vet and tuck a thank you note inside! Add a few pics of your pet, and then let the office add other patient photos!  

Cat Scrapbook Album page with stripes and photo mats

Cat Scrapbook Album page filled with kitten toys

These sweet albums also make great Christmas gifts!  Buy them now and get a head start on your shopping :). 

Oh, and don't forget!  My brand new card kit goes live in the shop today too! For all the details, follow the links below.
Handmade Greeting Cards with flowers, a house, and a shaker

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Happy crafting!

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