Thursday, July 14, 2022

New! Beach Vibes Scrapbook Album

Hello friends, look what I have for you! It's a NEW sand castle shaped scrapbook album and it'll be in my shop tomorrow (along with my new Disney themed album!). This unique summer mini is titled "Beach Vibes" and it's just in time for the season's memories of sand, sea and salty air! 🌞

Beach Vibes Sand Castle Shaped Scrapbook Album

I designed and cut the adorable castle shaped covers out of wood so this album is super sturdy and looks great - like sand! Then, I chose a PhotoPlay collection called Beach Vibes that I really love.

beach sand castle shaped scrapbook album page with beach houses and seashells

This collection makes me think of my simple summer beach vacations. Relaxed, easy and all about the beach. I love that kind of trip. Sleeping in, hair in a ponytail, t-shirt, shorts, flip flops, no make-up, pb&j sandwiches, sand between your toes, and the smell of coconut sunscreen in the air. Ahhhh, yesssss.

beach sand castle shaped scrapbook album page with house

Sometimes we forget to take pictures when we're having fun but I encourage you to get a few of the highlights. One day you'll be so glad you did. 

Take photos of the shells along the shore, the special treasures you find, sand castles, the hole someone dug, floating in a raft, being buried in the sand, surfing, the way the beach looked that day, your friends or family, and cocktails on the beach. (It's 5 o'clock somewhere!)

beach scrapbook album page with pocket and journaling cards

Have you been to the beach this summer or do you have a vacation planned? Maybe you've been in the past? Well, this castle shaped kit is so special, you'll want to print your photos asap and start scrappin'.

beach scrapbook album page with sunset & seashells

The album has 12 white cardstock pages (6 double-sided) and includes 2 folding pages, 1 pocket, 3 flippies, and space for 30 photos.

beach vibes sand castle shaped scrapbook album

I hope everyone is having a great summer and thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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