Friday, February 25, 2022

NEW! Hello Beautiful Friend Album Kit

Happy Friday everyone! Today's my favorite day of the week since I get to share my newest album with you! It's called Hello Beautiful Friend and it's just that ... beautiful. This scrapbook is a perfect way to save photos, mementos, tokens, and fun stories that make up your friendship. It will always be a reminder of the wonderful memories you've shared.

Hello Beautiful Friend Scrapbook Album by Artsy Albums

To purchase the instructions for this album visit:

The album is 4.25"x7.5" and the covers are made of clear acrylic. I added colorful grosgrain ribbons to the 2 book rings and designed it with paper from the Echo Park New Day collection. It's filled with pretty colors, rainbows and flowers. It feels like spring! 

Hello Beautiful Friend Scrapbook Album page with flowers, a pretty plaid, and bright yellow

Other than your family, your friends are the most photographed people in your life. Sometimes, they may feel as close as family so, why not have a special album dedicated to them?

Hello Beautiful Friend Scrapbook Album page with flowers, a dragonfly, and a sunshine

Whether your pictures are hilarious, sentimental or just totally bonkers ... save those fun moments. These will remind you to think to yourself ... what a wonderful friend!

Hello Beautiful Friend Scrapbook Album page with flowers and a scalloped border sticker

This album can be about one special relationship or about lots of friends. If you're making this about you and your bestie and your friendship is a long one, add photos from when you first met until now and watch as the hairstyles and fashion evolve!

Hello Beautiful Friend Scrapbook Album page with lots of flowers and cameras

Are you and your friend a lot alike or completely different? Add pictures that celebrate your fun differences or reveal the amazing similarities. 

Hello Beautiful Friend Scrapbook Album page with flowers, a bee, and cameras

Think of your most memorable times and what common interests you share ... like scrapbooking, music, food, wine, or fitness activities? Write about these and add photos that make you smile. A concert, girls night out, a weekend away, a crop, a visit to a winery or spa, playing tennis or baking together are all fun ideas!

Hello Beautiful Friend Scrapbook Album page with flowers, a pocket, and lots of cute journaling cards

Don't forget to save your memorabilia - tickets to a show, music festival, wine tasting, or craft fair. What about a thoughtful card or note you gave one another. Or, a label from a wine bottle, a favorite recipes or extra photos.

Hello Beautiful Friend Scrapbook Album with clear acrylic covers

Keep this album for yourself and fill it with your own friend photos or ... make it for your bestie and give it as a gift. It's perfect for a birthday, graduation, wedding, or a holiday. 

Update: This kit has sold out but the instructions are available in my shop. They're simple, step-by-step, and include measurements and full color photos of each page. Links for the instructions and the products used are below. Happy scrappin'!

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