Monday, May 17, 2021

OOAK Kitty Cat Scrapbook Mini Album

Happy Monday friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and maybe even got to spend a little time being crafty!  With my hubby in a golf tournament, and the kids and grandkids busy with their own adventures, I had some time to pull out a Doodlebug favorite and make something just for fun.  Remember this adorable collection?

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Mini Album By Artsy Albums

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Mini Album with Doodlebug's Kitten Smitten Collection

This is Doodlebug's adorable Kitten Smitten collection, and I am smitten with how cute it is.  I'm usually a dog person, but I fell in love with these cute kitties and the adorable patterns the first time I saw them.

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Mini Album with flowers and cute cats
"You've cat to be kitten me right now"!  LOL, someone at Doodlebug is very clever!  (Cynthea??)  So cute!

Pet Cat Scrapbook Mini Album for pictures of your kitty
And speaking of cute, isn't that little kitty clip cute??!!

Kitty Cat Scrapbook album page with cat shaped paper clip

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Mini Album for pet photos
To make this album, I cut heavy chipboard to 4x8 for my covers.  Then I cut white card stock for pages, pockets, and fold-outs like this page.  I incorporated some tags and frames from the Labels and Tags package, and the page size was perfect for the little stacked die cut from the odds & ends.  

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Mini Album page with cat, fish bones, & mouse toy
This page measures 7 wide x 8 high, and I scored it at 4"to create the fold.  I like the surprise kitties and fun frames you see when you fold open the page.  Someone's kitty pictures will look so cute here!

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Mini Album page with milk bottle, cats, & tuna can

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Mini Album page with balls of yarn, paw prints, & fish bowl
Aren't the bright colors in this collection pretty?  And that fish bowl ... adorable!!

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Album pages for pet photos
For this page, the measurements are also 7 wide x 8 high, scored at 4 ... but this time I created a side-pocket instead of a fold-out page.  I love lots of different page styles and interactive elements.  

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Mini Album page with black and grey cat
Well, I guess it's time for a catnap ... LOL, who am I kidding? Too much to do!  ... but thanks for letting me share this fun little playful project with you today.  I'll add it to the shop at some point this week as a OOAK preassembled album, but if you'd like to make one yourself, you'll find the links to most of the products below!

Happy crafting!
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