Saturday, March 14, 2020

Travel Scrapbook Album, Simple Stories Going Places

Happy Saturday everyone! I know the coronavirus has everyone living a little more cautiously now-a-days and rightfully so, but I pray it will get under control soon and everyone will stay safe and healthy. 

And while our vacation plans may be changing a bit in today’s environment, we can get our travel album ready for when we do go on our next adventure. And what’s better than being crafty if we’re stuck at home?
I love the variety of really cute images in this scrapbook that are perfect for any sort of vacation plans. Whether you use the whole album for one vacation or use it for a variety of smaller trips, this album works.

It has cute sayings like Let's Wander, Adventures Ahead, Going Places, Let's Get Lost Together. I love it. Makes me want to seek out the next fun experience on my bucket list! Sky diving anyone?

Going Places ... Yes please. I'd like to go MANY PLACES!

This awesome scrapbook has a well-traveled feeling with passports, globes, cameras & different location stickers. San Francisco? Yep! Paris? Yep! Hawaii? Yep! Italy? ... Oh heck yeah! .... just maybe next year, lol.

There are great places to document the stories of your travels and pockets for saving brochures, tickets, notes, itineraries, extra photos and yes, the folded up map your hubby keeps asking you to hold in your purse.

At least 65 photos will fit in this fun album. You can add them right next to this guy ... with hair kinda like my husband's ... and he can sport a flowered shirt like no other! #lovemyhubby

Whether it's a road trip with the family, attending a destination wedding or renting scooters on your vacation, great memories call for great scrapbooks and I think you're gonna love this one! Thanks for stopping by!

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