Saturday, March 14, 2020

Our Magical Vacation Disney Themed Album

Hi everyone! The Spring Break season is upon us and so are the fun vacation plans! And I know there are tons of people out there planning a trip to one of my favorite places ... Walt Disney World!! Or Disneyland, depending on where ya live. Maybe you have plans to go this summer or .... maybe you have a bunch of really cute pictures from a past Disney trip and you've never scrapped them! Well, good grief, I can help you! Let's take care of your Disney themed album needs with one of my best sellers. Look how cute! 
This "magical" 6"x8" scrapbook is bright and colorful and has plenty of room for your favorite Disney photos! It holds at least 60 pictures and has pockets, photo sleeves, tags and fold-outs. This album is so cheerful and interactive, everyone will love looking through it.

I bet everyone has a picture of themselves, or their kids standing on Main Street holding that giant bundle of balloons? They are so colorful & festive & make such an awesome picture. I wonder how many times a day that guy selling them gets asked to do that? Sorry balloon man, but it's a must on the Disney photo op list. They're so pretty!

It has it's own little calendar to document the date. And I love those mouse ears, a classic tourist purchase! ... but I'm not just talkin' about the hat. Those totally yummy ice cream mouse ears are my kryptonite. Seriously, can't walk by them without buying one. Yum!

There are places to make notes of favorite rides, favorite characters and autographs! 

This Disney-inspired scrapbook is not only perfect for your pictures but it's also great for your notes, tickets, brochures, park maps and all your mouse-inspired memories! They'll stay safe in this super cute album so you can look back on them for years to come!

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