Friday, December 8, 2023

NEW! Happy New Year Scrapbook Mini Album

Happy Friday my friends! We're inching closer to Christmas and 2024. I can't believe how fast this year has passed. It's crazy, but the New Year means new memories ... starting New Year's Eve! I recently read that civilizations from around the world have been celebrating the start of each new year for at least 4,000 years. Seriously? 4,000? That's a really long time and aaaaa lot of celebrating.

Soooo, in keeping with that time worn tradition let's celebrate the new year in style and save our holiday memories in this week's Happy New Year Album! It's perfect for your photos or as a fabulous hostess gift.

Happy New Year Scrapbook by Artsy Albums

I designed this with one of my 5 x 4.5 inch custom acrylic albums in black and the festive Simple Stories, Happy New Year Collection. There are stars, party horns, balloons, a clock striking midnight, champagne glasses, confetti, and lots of colorful ribbons! 

Happy New Year Scrapbook Album with stars, fireworks, and enamel stickers on the cover

I also added some cute enamel star and dot sprinkle stickers to the cover. Love those!

Happy New Year Scrapbook Album page with a clock, fireworks, stars, and party horns

It's the perfect size for photos from a special evening and/or the next day's activities. It has 26 pages that include 2 fun acetate pages, 2 fold-out pages, 2 pocket pages, and space for 25 photos.

Happy New Year Scrapbook Album page with stars, fireworks, and numbers

Whether you spend a quiet evening at home with the family, a night out on the town with friends, or have people over for an afternoon of football and BBQs, be sure to take pictures so you'll always remember how you started 2024.

Happy New Year Scrapbook Album page for holiday photos

Add pictures of a festive countdown party, a special dinner, everyone dressed up, party hats, noisemakers, balloons, a fireworks display, the iconic ball drop at Times Square, champagne toasts, and midnight kisses.

Happy New Year Scrapbook Album page with rainbow colors and a journaling spot for resolutions

Check out this colorful folding page. On the flap, I added a great spot for documenting your (& your family's) New Year's resolutions.

Happy New Year Scrapbook Album page with numbers counting down and rainbow colors

This mini is also great for photos of a New Year's Day brunch, game time with the family, a 5k walk for charity or a marathon, a big traditional family meal, a visit to a museum, a beautiful hike in nature, ice skating, or baking a pie with the littles!

Happy New Year Scrapbook Album page with a colorful acetate filled with stars

Here's one of the acetate pages. I love the colors, the stars, the asterisk shapes that look like little fireworks, and ... the transparency! So fun. It's perfect for back-to-back photos.

Happy New Year Scrapbook Album page with champagne glasses and a pocket filled with journaling cards

The pockets are a great place to save more pictures or memorabilia like ... an invitation to a party, tickets from an event, a recipe for a favorite cocktail or meal, a love note from your sweetie, or a bucket list for the upcoming year.

Happy New Year Scrapbook Album page with stars, fireworks, and a party horn

This mini was a fun one for me and I hope you enjoy creating it too. If you or someone you know has fun plans for New Year's ... this would make an ideal scrapbook for those memories. Think Christmas gift too! Hop over to my shop and get yours today. 🥳

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