Thursday, December 21, 2023

Christmas Money Holders with Lori Whitlock Designs

Happy Thursday friends! With Christmas only 4 days away, I've been looking for fun ways to give cash and gift cards, instead of just handing the kids an envelope.  Lori Whitlock has amazing ideas for gifting projects.  Even though I normally give gift cards, I saw these cute money holders and decided to mix it up this year! Cash for the win!

How cute are these??  They are larger than I thought they would be, which makes the presentation even more fun! 

These are SUPER easy to make!  Just group the colors on your "mat" in the software, and add 6x6 squares of paper on the 4 corners of your cutting mat.  I prefer to do this to cut multiple colors/shapes at one time.  It saves paper and time!

The cutting file makes this cute little cut out that folds up to hold the money.  The hole is about 1/4" round so be sure to roll the money tightly to fit through the holes.  I used a thin metal rod (less than 1/4" thick) to roll my bill. You may be able to tightly roll the money using a pencil or thin straw, etc.  Then just tuck the roll into the holder and your gift is ready!!  SO much cuter than handing the recipient an envelope!

 Here are a few more ideas:
Tie a ribbon on the top and hang it from the tree!
Tape it to the top of a present for an added cash/gift tag!
Tuck this little cutie into a stocking!
Add it in a Secret Santa bag!
Or you could always mail it, of course :)
Thanks for stopping by my friends!  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy creating throughout the rest of the year! 
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