Thursday, October 26, 2023

NEW! Queen of Pink Scrapbook Album

Hello my friends, I have good news! This week, I will be adding 2 NEW kits in the shop tomorrow (Friday). Today I'm introducing the first one, which ... is also a first for me! It's has a super fun doll and fashion theme and it's titled Queen of Pink. It's perfect for anyone who loves Barbie, pink, and all things girly! 

Queen of Pink Barbie Scrapbook Album by Artsy Albums

Did you play with Barbies as a kid? How about your daughter, granddaughter, or niece? Are you a Barbie collector? Or, do you have a little one in your life that loves to play dress-up? If you answered yes, or ... just adore everything about Barbie - then you need this mini scrapbook!

Barbie Themed Scrapbook Album made with the Photoplay, Fashion Dreams Collection

I designed it with the pretty PhotoPlay, Fashion Dreams Collection designed by Becky Moore. It's filled with Barbie dolls, fashion, clothes, accessories, lip gloss, nail polish, diamonds, bows, hearts, a pink car, rollerblades, stars, and a super cute pink camper!

Barbie Themed Scrapbook made with an acrylic scallop edge album

I created it with one of my custom 4x7 inch Acrylic Scallop Edge Albums made of high quality 1/8" thick clear acrylic and 3 bright pink binding rings. 

Barbie Themed Scrapbook Album Page with stars, a doll, nail polish, and lipstick

Inside, there are 12 scrapbook pages that include 1 pocket, 2 fold-out pages, 5 flippies, and space for 30 photos. The "Live Your Dream" flippie on the page above will hold 2 photos or can be used for journaling. On the right, a folding page with ...

Barbie Themed Scrapbook Album Page with a doll, sunglasses, shoes, and polka dots

... space for 3 more pictures and fun embellishments. I would've totally wanted those cute blue shoes for my Barbie! 💙

Barbie Themed Scrapbook Album Page with purses, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, and a journaling spot

Have you seen the new Barbie Movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling that came out this summer? This page has a great journaling spot where you could document your thoughts about it.

Barbie Themed Scrapbook Album Page with dolls, a pocket, and journaling cards

Ohhhh! This album would be perfect for a Barbie themed birthday! Add photos of the birthday girl, friends, the decorations, gifts, and if you went to the movie ... photos in the theater or next to the poster. Don't forget to save the invitation or movie ticket in the pocket above.

Barbie Themed Scrapbook Album Page with a girl with flowers walking her dog

Barbie Themed Scrapbook Album Page with a ballerina

What about Halloween? Barbie is a great costume idea and this keepsake can document all the October fun. Fill it with photos of your costume, a party, a school event, a costume parade, trick-or-treating, or a Halloween event at a theme park!

Barbie Themed Scrapbook Album Page with a girl, balloons, a pink car, and stars

And finally ... calling all Barbie collectors! This would be an amazing album to save photos of your vintage or new Barbie collectibles that include dolls, accessories, cars, houses, campers, posters, clothes, books, make-up, coloring books, etc! What a great way to document your prized possessions.

Barbie Themed Scrapbook Album Page with fashion accessories and an acrylic scallopped edge album

So, tomorrow's the big day!! This cute Queen of Pink mini album will be available along with a second newbie. Until then ... have a great day!

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* The supplies and design are not represented in any way by Barbie. This album kit was designed in a similar theme so that your wonderful memories will coordinate with the album.

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