Friday, July 7, 2023

Book Nerd Vol. 2 Reading Journal / Scrapbook Album

Happy Friday everyone! I have a new album for you today and this one is the next edition of a kit I created last year titled Book Nerd (Vol. 1). This new one, Book Nerd Vol. 2 is also a reading journal / scrapbook album and I hope you love it just as much as last year's. Take a look ...

Book Nerd Reading Journal & Scrapbook Album by Artsy Albums

To purchase the instructions for this album visit:

This album can be used as part reading journal / part scrapbook, or ... just one or the other based on your needs. I created it with a teal 6x8 inch Simple Stories binder and the PhotoPlay Book Club Collection.

Book Nerd Scrapbook Album Page with library card for journaling

It's perfect for anyone that loves to read, is in a book club, works in a book store or library, or is a teacher. Maybe ... you write books, collect them, have children who are avid readers, or just want to start reading more. If any of these are true and you're a self-confessed book nerd like me, then you're going to love this! 

Book Nerd Scrapbook Album Page with with book shelves and books

It would also make a unique gift for a friend or family member who loves to read. Or, what about a student who loves book challenges or literature?!

The album has 20 pages that include 3 chipboard tabs, 2 fold-out pages, 2 pockets, 3 flippies, and lots of places to journal. There is space for 15-20 photos but you can use these spots for more notes if needed.

It's filled with cheerful colors and several fun journaling cards that I designed. These cards are perfect for documenting titles, authors, date read, star rating, genre, and your personal thoughts. You can also add ...

  • whether it was an audiobook, hardcover, e-reader, etc.
  • why you chose the book
  • where you got the book from
  • how much you spent on the book
  • is it a series?
  • other books by this author that you’d like to read
  • anything else you feel is important like observations, insights, or lessons you learned

Book Nerd Scrapbook Album page with space to list books, authors, title, dates, and a review

Here is the fun review page. You can rate the book by giving it your own 5-star review … or one star if the book was a snoozer. 😉

Book Nerd Scrapbook Album journaling page for a book club

What a great reading journal this would make if you’re in a book club! Take it to your next club meeting and impress your friends with your way of documenting and staying organized.

Book Nerd Scrapbook Album page with a pocket and journaling cards

I love a good pocket and this album has two. They're great for saving your book summaries. Print as many as you need and save your thoughts about your favorite books. 

Book Nerd Scrapbook Album page

No Artsy Album would be complete without photos so, below is a list of picture ideas to add ...

  • your book club friends
  • favorite book covers
  • reading nook or coffee shop for reading
  • the kiddos at the library
  • your beautiful collection of books lined up on shelves
  • a selfie of you and your favorite book
  • an author at a book signing
  • the special person that inspired you to read 

Book Nerd Scrapbook Album journaling page

Whether you’re an avid reader or someone who just wants to read more, I hope this fun project inspires you. Hop over to my shop and get yours today!

Update: This kit has sold out but the instructions are available in my shop. They are simple, step-by-step, and include measurements and full color photos of each page. Links for the instructions and the products used are below. Happy scrappin'!

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