Friday, July 16, 2021

NEW! Dog & Cat Lover Scrapbook Albums

Happy Friday everyone! It's time to introduce my TWO new albums!! They are purrfect for all the pet loving scrappers out there and I'm covering both my bases today. I have one for dogs and one for cats and they are both adorable! Take a look ...

To purchase the instructions to make this album visit:
Dog Lover Scrapbook Instructions
Our fur babies hold a special place in our hearts and I think they deserve their very own album that's ALL about them!! After all, they love us, bring us comfort, tolerate our crankiness, and make us laugh.

My first mini is titled Dog Lover and would be great for your pup's pictures. I love the pretty teal colored binder mixed with this fun Photo Play collection (also called Dog Lover).

The colors are bright, the die cuts are really cute and there is so much fun pet paraphernalia printed on these patterned papers! (Ok, that was a lot of p-words.)
Save your lovable selfies and photos of bathtime, a new haircut, weird sleeping positions, funny quirks, muddy days, a favorite toy, and all the wonderful eye-rolling moments!
Both of these 6"x8" scrapbooks have plenty of space for at least 50 photos and pockets for memorabilia. Save their birth records, pedigree papers, adoption records, a paw print, pictures of their parents, a piece of their fur, ID tags or license, and awards or certificates.

My second album is for our feline friends and it's titled Cat Lover ...

This one has a green binder and uses the equally as cute Photo Play collection called Cat Lover.

Cats and kittens can be so playful and energetic. They dart from room to room, bounce off the furniture, pounce and bat at everything. It's all a little crazy and so funny! Capture those goofy moments.

Cats love to slip into small spaces like boxes, paper bags, baskets, dresser drawers, or bathroom cabinets where they feel cozy and secure. Document your kitty's favorite napping place!

Recently my niece's INDOOR cat accidentally slipped outside for a nano second and returned with ... a baby possum! True story. Taylor was horrified but thankfully, her cat was very gentle and just wanted to care for the little friend. They returned it unharmed, back to its mother but it made for the funniest story! Taylor captured the spontaneous moment on camera and will now forever remember her kitty's little buddy.
These 2 kits will make great DIY projects for all your favorite pet's pictures and an album they deserve. ❤️

Update: The album kit has sold out but I've added the links for the Instructions and the products used below. My instructions are simple, step-by-step and include measurements and full color photos of each page. Happy scrappin'!

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