Monday, April 20, 2020

Girl & Boy Birthday Scrapbook Album Kits, Doodlebug

Hello Friends! I'm a little late announcing my new birthday albums here but I hope you follow me on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and saw these 2 adorable girl and boy birthday cuties!

They are available as DIY kits or pre-assembled and they will make wonderful keepsakes for your fun birthday pictures!

Girl Birthday Scrapbook Album 

The kitty cat, the presents, the sprinkling confetti and that pretty pink, flowery, super girly cake makes such a pretty cover! 

Both albums have interactive fold outs for added space and a pocket for birthday cards, notes or extra photos.

This would make a special & unique gift for your daughter, your granddaughter or your daughter's best friend. Instead of a toy, clothes or a gift card ... this would be something they'd keep forever. And you could put it together with them. That's a win for both of you! Gift. ✔ Fun activity. ✔ Quality time. ✔!!

The colorful papers and the playful embellishments in the girl album are from Doodlebug Designs, Hey Cupcake. It also has 12 pages (6 double-sided) and can fit over 20 photos! 

 Boy Birthday Scrapbook Album

This boy album is adorable with puppy dogs, monkeys, stars and birthday wishes scattered throughout!

Boys enjoy being artistic and crafty too and what a great project to do with your son or grandson. They can decide where the stickers go and which photos to use. Lol. Yeah, they might not have been your exact choices but that's really cute and you still spent a fun time together talking and laughing.
Maybe you know someone who's having a dog themed birthday party. This would be so perfect.

The colorful papers and the fun embellishments in the Boy album are from Doodlebug Designs, Party Time. It also has 12 pages (6 double-sided) and can fit over 20 photos!

There are lots of fun sayings through out both of these albums. And remember, you can purchase the girl AND the boy album and be set for the next couple birthday parties that come along!

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog and don't forget to check out my online shop!

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