Thursday, March 22, 2012

Capture Your Travel Memories

It's almost time for spring break here in Georgia -- which for many people means a long-awaited vacation.  Although my family often travels this time of year, a getaway will have to wait until summer for the Penrods.  Still, with everyone else talking about plans, I was inspired to create a travel journal.  

According to Wikipedia:  travel journal, also called road journal or travelogue, is a record made by a voyager. Generally in diary form, a travel journal contains descriptions of the traveler's experiences, and is normally written during the course of the journey.

I, of course, had to incorporate photos into that description and the unique altered album below is the result.  The journal includes 12 pockets and tags for daily notes and photos.  On the back inside cover, there is an altered tin memorabilia box for stashing tickets, mementos, maps and other bits and pieces.

Thanks for checking in with Artsy Albums today...and if you have trip coming up soon -- may you be inspired to record your experiences through journaling and photos.
Safe travels!


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