Friday, April 21, 2023

Cat & Dog Scrapbook Albums with Doodlebug

Hey guys! I'm calling today Fur Baby Friday because I've just added 2 paw-sitively adorable NEW pet albums to the shop! They're made with Doodlebug's latest collections and they're SO CUTE! I have a cat album titled, Here Kitty Kitty and a dog album titled, Hello Furry Friend. They're wonderful for saving photos of your sweet pet and they make amazing gifts. I think you're going to love them.

Dog & Cat Scrapbook Albums By Artsy Albums

These scrapbooks were designed with Doodlebug's new Pretty Kitty and Doggone Cute Collections and a square 6.5" x 6.5" Prima album.

First up is Here Kitty Kitty - 

Here Kitty Kitty Cat Scrapbook Album for pet photos

Here Kitty Kitty Scrapbook Album with cats, a mouse, & pawprints on the cover

To purchase the instructions for this album visit:

How cute is this!! The colorful rainbow striped paper, the scallop paw print sticker, the teeny tiny mouse, and oh my goodness ... those little kitty faces all looking at you like they're waiting for you to say something! Lol 

Cat Scrapbook Album created with Doodlebug's Pretty Kitty Collection

Inside each album, there are 12 pages that include 3 fold-out pages, 2 pockets, a waterfall element page (see dog pics below), and 6 fun flippies like the one above. 

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Album page with journaling spot & cat in a laundry basket

I've added lots of space to document your pet's wonderfully silly moments. On this page, I made a journaling card into a flippie so there's room for a photo on the outside and note taking on the inside.

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Album page with a cat on a tv, hearts, and a rainbow plaid

Cats can be so, so funny! Be sure to take pictures of those moments like ... the zoomies, stuffing themselves into very small weird places, and pouncing & batting at anything in their path.

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Album page with yarn ball, cat, and rainbow plaid paper

And when they're quiet, they can be the best napping buddies. Don't forget some selfies when they're cuddling, sleeping in a funny position, or snuggled up with their kitty siblings.

Kitty Cat Scrapbook Album page with cats in a box, flowers, and paw prints

Both albums have 2 pockets each that are perfect for extra photos, a paw print, birth records, pedigree papers, vet reports, pics of their parents, tags, license, adoption papers, a piece of their fur, awards or certificates, and any other memorabilia.

Next up is my dog album titled, Hello Furry Friend -

Hello Furry Friend Dog Scrapbook Album by Artsy Albums

Dog Scrapbook Album created with Doodlebug Design Doggone Cute Collection

To purchase the instructions for this album visit:

Another super sweet little cover but this time there are 4 playful, goofy, and howling pups. The album is very similar to the kitty one, it just has a different color scheme.

Puppy Dog Scrapbook Album page for adoption day photos

What a great page for your pup's first photos. Whether you adopted them from a shelter, a friend, a neighbor, a breeder, or ... off the streets - save your photos from day 1 so you'll always remember them.

Dog Scrapbook Album page with journaling spot, stripes, and puppy stickers

I love this journaling spot with the striped paper and the cute die cuts!

Puppy Dog Scrapbook Album page with waterfall element for pet photos

Here's the waterfall element I mentioned above. This adds so much storage to this little mini and ... it's fun to flip through!

Puppy Dog Scrapbook Album page with dog barking at a cat in a tree

Fill this scrapbook with photos of playtime, their favorite toy, fun car rides, baths, and a fresh new hair cut.

Hello Furry Friend Dog Scrapbook Album with a dogs, a pocket, and journaling cards

Our fur babies hold a special place in our hearts so, they deserve their very own album that's ALL about them. After all, they love us, bring us comfort, tolerate our crankiness, and make us laugh. Now that's love! 

Update: These kits have sold out but the instructions for them are available in my shop. They are simple, step-by-step, and include measurements and full color photos of each page. Links for the instructions and the products used are below. Happy scrappin'!

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