Thursday, March 12, 2015

Silhouette Tutorial for Text Wrapping

Project Created for:  Lori Whitlock Designs 
Silhouette Tutorial:  Wrapping Text around a Circle

Hi everyone,
One of the most common Silhouette questions I get asked is how to wrap words or phrases around a circle or other shape for a print and cut design. Here some easy steps to follow to do this....

For my project, I used Lori Whitlock's adorable birdhouse and wrapped a phrase around the door.  She has several cute birdhouses in the Silhouette online store and SVG files in her shop.   I made several to hang from a spring tree decoration, but you could also fill the little boxes with candy for a sweet little gift.  Keep scrolling down after this post to see Lori's other birdhouse designs (3/10 post).

Step 1:  Move everything except the house portion off of your mat in the software.

Step 2:  Click on the Text Style Window and find a font you would like to use.  I used Lori’s Cutie Pie font.  Type and size your phrase somewhere on your mat.   Phrase ideas:  “Home Tweet Home”, “From Our House to Yours” , “A Gift For You”, a name or address …. endless cute possibilities!

Step 3:  If you double click on your phrase, you’ll notice a green box around your phrase and a little circle with an x in it.  Click on this little circle and drag it over to the window of your birdhouse.  When you hover the word over a line, the letters snap to the shape of the line.   You may have to play with the size of your font and the character spacing to get the letters to line up around your shape.

Step 4: To move your word up around the outside of the circle, you will use the grey sliding bar that appears through your letters. If you place your curser along that bar and slide upwards, your letters will move up and out.

Step 5:  Now, you will want to print just the round phrase on the paper that you want for your birdhouse.  Highlight the entire birdhouse and go to the Fill Color window.  Remove the yellow color (but leave the birdhouse lines) so that the yellow doesn’t print on your paper.  Be sure to also make your paper size 8.5×11, and show your registration marks.

Step 6:  If you highlight your phrase, and click on the “Line Style” window, you’ll notice that the lines of your letters are probably set to 0.0 points … be sure to increase the line thickness to 1.5 so that you see the letters when they print.

Step 7:  Now send your paper through your printer.  Cut the birdhouse out with your silhouette machine and assemble all of the cute pieces into an adorable decoration or gift.

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