Monday, September 1, 2014

Make Your Own Paper Dolls

Hi everyone! I have a great little project posted over on Lori Whitlock's blog today. It would be a fun one to create for (or with) your daughters, granddaughters or any other sweet little girl in your life.  

I loved paper dolls as a kid. And thanks to Lori and the digital cutting machine, you can create your own now. And ... you can also design their clothes with digital papers! How fun is that?! I used Lori's cutting file called Emma Jane Paper Doll Collection (link below) for this.

Paper dolls from my childhood were very different. I would mix and match their cute outfits and hope they would stay on. They just had those little fold over tabs, lol! My favorite were the "Liddle Kiddle" paper dolls because sometimes they had magnetic clothes! 

Ok, so here's how I made them. You will see when you download the cutting files for the dolls, that the dolls and their clothes are separate. I created the dolls first, dropping in color fill for the skin, eyes and hair. Next, I grouped the pieces together and turned off the cut lines, except around the edge. I printed the dolls out, cut them with my Cameo and then cut them out of Silhouette's chipboard again. Backing the dolls with chipboard made them a little more sturdy.
For the doll clothes, I dropped some of Lori's digital papers into the pieces first. You can purchase her digital papers at Snap Click Supply  Just drag them from your computer directly into the shapes (using Designer Edition software). Then do print and cuts for each piece! This is really fun and you could involve your daughter or granddaughter in the color choices for each outfit.

As you can see ... I also had fun embellishing the clothes. Be creative! Add rhinestones and enamel dots for the buttons or jewelry. Add ribbon or stickers and be a designer. This is the best part!

Finally, I attached a small piece of Velcro to the front of each doll and to the back of each dress so that their clothes could be interchangeable.

Even though I'm way past the age for playing with dolls, I had SO much fun creating these! I hope you give them a try. Thanks for letting me share it with you today!

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