Thursday, November 15, 2012

Traditions...and a new Christmas Kit

I was thinking about Christmas traditions today...specifically the ones that my family looks forward to each year.  One of our favorites is making gingerbread houses.

We get the whole family involved and make a huge production of it.  In fact, now that the kids are older, it has become somewhat of a day-long competition to see who can create the most unique, colorful house.  We fill tons of little bowls with everything from candy and gum, to pretzels and coconut.  Then each person painstakingly constructs the foundation of their house with graham crackers and icing.

My sister always creates a mid-century modern abode that rivals those seen on HGTV.  Rian's masterpiece is always amazing -- one year he did Hogwarts castle and another year he constructed a two-story mansion with a deck on the back.

My brother-in-law is always in charge of landscaping.  After each house is finished, he adds the roads, trees, gumdrop bushes and water features.

While I was creating a new Christmas mini album kit today, I started looking forward to this fun family tradition and thought I would share some photos from years past...oh, and then there will be a picture of the latest kit too (it's included in the kit sale that runs from 11/14-11/21).

This mini album kit will be on sale from 11/15-11/21/12.  $30.00,  regularly $39.99.
Visit the Artsy Albums Shop here.

What kind of holiday traditions are you looking forward to?

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