Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update on Artsy Albums Mini Album Kits

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope all of you are having as wonderful a Sunday afternoon as I am!

You've been asking for more Artsy Albums updates so I wanted to share some more sneak peeks with you.

First, the header for the blog is new -- do you love it??  I do -- it's so "me"!  Terri at Bradford Web Designs is awesome and has been so great to work with.  A few more changes are coming to the website's look..I can't wait!

Next, the kit sneak peeks that I promised.  I am hoping to launch the first 5 on September 1st, if not before, but I'm waiting on a piece or two for each hang in there with me...

They are each in various stages of completion so keep your fingers crossed that my creative juices stay in overdrive!  I will also be working on a new school-themed mini, more Christmas designs, two different Halloween albums, and lots more!
Thanks for checking in,

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