Sunday, July 22, 2012

Celebrating Good Times ...

Just Wow! -- that sums CHA up in one word.  I needed a few days to recuperate from all of the fun, inspiration, scrappy celebrity sitings, and hours on my feet.  But I am back in my brand new studio (did I tell you I was moving the studio...again?  Yes...again!  I needed more room for all of the crazy fun going on at Artsy Albums.  But the new studio will be a post for another are some highlights from our very busy week...AND a brand new mini album that was added to the shop today!

As many of you know, this is Tim Holtz.  He is the scrapbook king...much like Elvis, but in the scrappy world.  He totally rocks and so do all of his amazing products.  The photo above (bottom left)  is cool because he told a bunch of us the story behind those drawings.  Tim was having trouble coming up with drawings for some of his new stamps and asked a co-worker (I think?) to help him out.  The guy sat down and quickly sketched out the drawings you see above.  Tim loved them, added a few lines and arrows to the designs, and voila...his blueprint stamps by Mario Rossi III were born!

Even more amazing than Tim Holtz, were these two girls, Gina and Roxanne.  They went to CHA with me and totally kept me focused, on track, and organized.  We had a great time and I truly do not know what I would have done without their help at the show!

As you can imagine, inspiration and amazing creativity was everywhere!  It was almost overwhelming!  I came home with tons of great ideas and a very worn-out credit card.  There will be lots of new pre-made scrapbooks and mini album kits coming to Artsy Albums over the next six months!

This is a very tired scrapbooker, but I was able to garner enough creativity today to design a new album for the website.  The photos of the "Celebrate Good Times" album are shown below.  

Here's to celebrating the good it CHA, summer vacation, or a movie with your kids.  Thanks so much for checking in with Artsy Albums,


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  1. Glad you had such a fun and successful trip! Love the new album and looking forward to more about the new studio.