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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sand, Surf, and Memories! A Beach Vacation Album

Good evening friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I did -- I enjoyed a full day of friends and scrapping time yesterday.  I have such a wonderful group of girlfriends that I get to scrap with -- even though I might be creating for Artsy Albums when I am with them, I never feel like I am working.  It is a day of relaxing fun, creativity, and silliness.

For some, days like this only come in the form of a vacation -- getting away from all of the headaches at work and the "should dos" at home.   For those of you that enjoy beach vacations -- me too!  So when I was with my scrappy friends yesterday, I created this fun, colorful mini album.  "Paradise Beach" is a brand new line from Echo Park (one of my favorites)!   Kits will be coming soon to the check back at next week ;)

Have a great week!

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