Friday, August 27, 2010

Roxanne's Photo Tray

Wow, did y'all think I disappeared? Basically I did...into the migraine world temporarily and it was not fun. But the migraines are gone and I am back to creating again! I met with one of my good friends, Roxanne, yesterday to scrap and she got a lot more done than me so I decided to post her creation instead of mine (which still is not done). Not to mention that her creation is super fabulous and so worthy of posting!! Check it out...

Rox completed this 7 Gypsies photo tray with awesome family pictures and the Bo Bunny Mamarazzi line. I just LOVE it -- of course she has one of those beautiful families that photographs great too -- look at those pictures! You did a great job on this have inspired me to make a photo tray and go get some professional family pictures taken. You always cost me money.


  1. So beautiful!! I wasn't going to make one of these until I saw this one.....I must have one!!
    Carolyn :)

  2. I second Carolyn! I wasn't interested in making a tray until I saw this one. Absolutely beautiful Rox!