Sunday, July 25, 2010

Riding home from Charleston

Okay I just have to say that 5 hours in the car goes by very quickly when you have an internet gadget like the one my hubby got the other day. I have been riding along, between Charleston and Atlanta, passing the time very nicely on the computer. Thanks to my gadget-lovin' husband, I have been able to peruse all sorts of great scrapping sites and I have to show you a very fun post I found on Bazzill's website. Check this out for awe-inspiring creativity peeks this afternoon! Is that fun or what? It made me hungry just looking at it!

I brought my camera to Charleston. Yes, to get pictures of this fun city, but also to take pictures of scrapbook layouts that I have never uploaded to a gallery or my blog. Jack did question why a box of scrapbook layouts and albums were going on our getaway weekend, but I quickly mumbled something incoherent as I walked away to take our dogs out and he didn't ask again. A girl with a plan...but....we were running so late, and I had packed so fast, that I completely forgot to pack the camera's battery charger! So, no great pictures of Charleston and no new scrapbook pages uploaded to the blog until I get back home to a fully charged camera. I did get a couple pictures with my iPhone -- please comment here to help me decide what the title of this Charleston layout will be with JUST these two sad little pictures.

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  1. How about "Wonderful Trip - No camera" Really creative huh!