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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Print & Cut Silhouette Tutorial with Lori Whitlock Designs

Today's project:  Print & Cut Labels
Created for:  Lori Whitlock Designs

Hi everyone, I’m back with a quick and easy tutorial for making print and cut labels.  I do a lot of scrapbooking, but when it comes to cards, I usually find myself scrambling to create one for a special event at the last minute.  So I decided to create a bunch of labels to keep on hand, making a last minute card, like this one, much easier.

Step 1:  Assuming your printer is for 8.5” x 11” paper, resize your paper in your software.  I have the Silhouette Designer Edition, but I believe most of these steps will work with the original software also.

Step 2:  Show your registration marks so that your printer and Silhouette machine talk nicely to each other.

Step 3:  Add your first label design to the mat and right click to ungroup the pieces.

Step 4:  Layer each piece of the design on top of each other.  Now go to the “Align” window, highlight all the pieces of the design, and click “Align Center” so that all of your pieces are stacked evenly.  Group all of the pieces back together (right-click, group) and then resize the label to the finished size you desire.

Step 5:   Repeat steps 1-4 for each label.  Note that on some labels you may need to “align center” and “align middle” to get the pieces all stacked up evenly.

Step 6:  Once your labels are all stacked and sized the way you want them, highlight all of them and go to your cut setting window.  Select the “Cut Edge” style so that only the outer edge of your label gets cut.

Step 7:  Now here is a fun part.  Let’s add some monograms and sentiments to our labels.   Using the Type tool, add a monogram letter or phrase to one of your labels.  Resize it to fit inside the label and then go to the “Color Fill” window.  Highlight the text (this is key!) and then click on the eye dropper tool in the color fill window.  Hold the eye dropper and drag your mouse over the colors on your label.  You will see the eye dropper “picks up” the color you hover over.  Once you decide on a matching color, release your mouse and the color will fill your text with a perfectly matched color for the label. 

Step 8:  Each time you add a phrase or monogram to your label, be sure to highlight the text, go to the “Cut Settings” window, and select the “No Cut” option.  Once that is done, print your labels and cut them out.   Now you have a whole set of beautiful labels to quickly add a sentiment or monogram to a card or other project!

LW Bubble and Perfect Print Fonts
Jack and Jill paper collection by Lori for Echo Park

I hope I have given you a few fun tips today … thanks for stopping by my blog!  Come visit me over on my Facebook page at to stay up-to-date on my tutorials, giveaways, sales, and new products in my Etsy shop!

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