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1. How does this process work / where do I begin?
The process is simple. Contact me to schedule a meeting either in person, or over the phone. Because your photos are so personal and meaningful, it is important that we discuss your vision for the album design. This initial consultation is free. We will talk about your pictures, how they are organized, and how many you have. We will then discuss pricing and timelines for completion.

2. What are acid-free and lignin-free materials?
Acid-free paper is paper that has a neutral or basic pH (7 or slightly greater). It can be made from any cellulose fiber as long as the active acid pulp is eliminated during processing. It is also lignin and sulfur free. Acid-free paper addresses the problem of preserving documents for long periods. Paper made from wood-based pulp that has not had its lignin removed goes yellow and deteriorates over time. (adapted from Wikipedia) I only use high-quality products that are free of agents that may cause yellowing, fading, or damage to your photos.

Newspaper is not lignin-free, hence the reason it turns brittle and yellow over time. Anytime I incorporate newspaper articles into an album, I copy the article on archival quality paper to include in the album. The originals can then be stored in archival safe boxes, away from photos.

3. Aren't my photos safe in a "magnetic" album?
These albums are the ones that allow you to pull back a transparent sheet, lay photos down on a self-adhesive page, and then cover the photos again with the transparent sheet. Although some companies may have improved the materials used in these albums, most of the older "magnetic" albums are NOT acid-free and can cause yellowing, fading, and damage to the photos stored in them.

4. How long does it take for you to complete an album?
During our initial consultation, we will discuss the size and details for your project and determine a target completion date. A full 20-page album could take 3-6 weeks depending on my current client workload, however I can often complete a project in much less time. If there is a specific deadline or event you need the project rushed for, I am happy to try to accomodate this.

5. How many pictures will fit on a page or layout?
The photos (and memorabilia) are the most important part of a scrapbook, so I work to create a design that focuses on the pictures. We will discuss ways that we can incorporate ALL of your photos, but a general guideline for best design would be:

  • One 12 x 12 page -- 3-5 photos
  • One 8.5 x 11 page -- 2-3 photos
  • One 8 x 8 or 9 x 9 page -- 2-3 photos
  • One 6x6 page -- 1-2 photos

6. How do you determine pricing?
A complete description of design costs are detailed here. But should you have any questions that I do not cover on the pricing page, please feel free to contact me.

7. Can I see some of the pages before my project is complete?
Yes! These are your pictures and your album and I want you to be completely satisfied from start to finish. I can email photos of your completed pages to you upon your request and if modifications to the pages need to be made, we can discuss them at that time.

8. What if I don't live in the Atlanta area?
No problem! Everything can be discussed over the phone, and sent via email and regular mail. I will communicate with you in whatever way is easiest for you!

9. What is a "client agreement"?
I want to provide the most professional service to you and I believe a client agreement, or contract, helps to communicate our expectations. You will receive the client agreement during our initial consultation and if you decide to hire me, we both sign and receive a copy.

10. Do you have to crop my photos and/or use permanent adhesive?
No. I will not crop any photo that you do not want "cut smaller". I also do not need to use permanent adhesives, although I do recommend it. We can discuss alternative ways of adding your photos to your album during our initial meeting. You will also have the opportunity to designate cropping or adhesive details on the client inventory sheet filled out prior to the start of the project.

11. What about the stories behind my pictures (journaling)? Some may be private.
I absolutely understand that some journaling details, memories, or personal events may be private, which is why I offer several choices for you to record the information in your album. Your privacy is of utmost importance to me and you can be assured that the details of your photos will be kept in the strictest confidence. If you are comfortable with me adding the journaling to your albums, I will computer generate the information and add this to the pages. If you prefer to add the journaling in your own handwriting, I will add "journaling spots" to each page or layout.

12. What if I already own scrapbook supplies? Can you use those?
If you already own some scrapbook paper and/or embellishments, and are certain that they are acid and lignin free, I will be happy to incorporate them.

13. What about photo reprinting or enlargements?
Based on the design of each page, I will determine the size that the photos should be. Should I suggest that a larger size photo be needed for the design, or should a reprint of a photo be needed, I will contact you for approval first before incurrng any additional costs. If approved, a final invoice will be paid prior to album delivery.

14. Do I save money by having you do an entire album (at least 20 pages), rather than one page at a time?
Yes! The price of your album is based on several things. Size, design time, and number of pages per order. By ordering at least 20 pages, I offer you a discount! See the pricing section of this website for details. Please note that the pricing offered for 20 or more pages is only valid on each individual order. The special pricing will not be offered, for example, if you order 10 pages this month, and 11 pages next month.