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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chillin' with a new layout

Hello from the North Georgia mountains -- and a very relaxing scrapbook weekend with my girlfriends. Last night, I had lots of fun working on a page with some very old (1998) TN snow pictures. I thought I would post the page today and point out some of my favorite things that I find I am using on lots of pages these days...hey, "Traci's trends"!

Okay, maybe not...too corny.

But here's the page.

Sorry about picture quality -- '98 was before I had a digital camera. Thanks to digital photography and scrapbooking, I am a much better photographer now. With my digital camera, I can pay better attention to lighting and composition, easily deleting a bad photo like this shot where Rian was hidden in the shadows of Mister Snowman. Oh well....

So, back to some of my favorite things that I find myself using a lot lately -- stardust gel pens. It just added the frosty little something I wanted on this page! Here I used the clear one, but the colored ones are awesome too.

I also enjoy layering strips of paper in differing lengths under page elements. I think it adds visual interest, brings in multiple colors, and lets me use some of the coordinating papers from a collection.

This paper is a Fancy Pants line called Frosted, which includes a strip paper made up of each coordinating paper in the line. I cut them apart and used them to make the border. Fun, easy, and visually interesting!

The last thing I wanted to point out is the title placed on the picture. I try to be sure when I am looking at my overall layout,that I don't have a picture with an unusual amount of 'white space (area that is empty of meaningful picture, or is blank). If a picture has too much white space and it does not make sense to crop the picture or change its size, I determine if there is a way to "use" the space. On this page, I used the big blank area of my front yard for my title.

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  1. I keep coming back to this LO - I absolutely love it !